Friday, 2 August 2013

Creating Your Own Unique Style!

Have you ever thought how do I get my own personal style that is insane, unique and all my own? Well here is your guide to creating your own style! Having your own style is one the most fabulous things to ever own because you wear it with pride, confidence, a smile and you feel beautiful, sexy and wonderful! You feel like superwomen ready to take on the world! ;)
You have probably seen those women along the streets who are dressed fashionable walking like their on a runway looking happier than ever. You wonder how they she have such confidence, such beauty and charisma to be that way? Answer: By being themselves!

The biggest thing to having your own style is being yourself. Your beauty truly shines when you are who you are and stick a middle finger in the air to anyone who dislikes what you wear or look like. If it makes you feel beautiful wear it, feel it and be it! Now you might be thinking I'm not pretty, skinny or a model but we ALL have our very own unique talents and beauty we bring to this world and that's truly a wonderful thing. It's about being able to embrace, express and channel all of who you are into your clothes!

Here's my top 5 tips for creating your own unique style!
  • Search, observe and read: Have a search around the Internet and find your favourite style inspirations. Look at other people in the street pay attention to what they are wearing, the colours, make up, hair and accessories. Find out and read up on your body shape. Knowing your body shape is vital for creating your own style as you need to know what cuts and designs flatter your body best.

Audrey Kitching

  •  Fashion mash up: Now I want you to start visualising what all your style inspiration’s clothes would look like mish mashed together. This is your own unique style ;)
  •  Window shopping: Search around websites and go to your favourite shops and look at the clothes and what you would love to wear. Pay attention to the styling on mannequins and think how you would change the outfit to suit your taste! Create a dream wardrobe list and come up with some outfits that you would love to wear from this list.
  •  Shopping Time!: Music to a girl’s ears! Now before you go on a crazy spending spree and buy a bunch of stuff you won’t ever wear… When you see an item you like start visualising what outfits you can create from this because you want to create a few outfits from mixing and matching different pieces. A few questions to ask yourself: Does the colour suit me? Will it go with other pieces of my wardrobe? Does the cut and style suit my body type? Can I afford this?

  •  Channel: My favourite thing to do is to channel different looks! Attitude, mood, confidence, sex appeal and all! Whether it’s the Emo/Gothic loner, the crazy colourful scene girl, the at peace hippie, princess lady like, over the top Avant-Garde or a nerdy geek. Channel it girlfriend! Think of stereotypes, celebrities, Disney characters, models… feel it, embrace it and walk it. You’ll be rolling in confidence! ;D
Finding your style is a fun journey full of clothes, colour and confidence with a few frustrations but lots of laughs and happiness! So go out there and find your own world of uniqueness!

Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

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