Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How To Brighten Your Mornings!

Rise and shine sunshine! It's time to get out of bed and start this beautiful day!

If your not a morning person or your just having a bad time, you loath the thought of having to get out of your warm cosy bed and get ready for the day. The way you start your mornings is an important part of your daily life as it sets the tone for the rest of the day... If you wake up and do activities that make you laugh and feel great about yourself, you'll approach everything life chucks at you with a smile and accept it as a challenge however if you start your day feeling down and just hating life everything becomes negative and hard. Now don't get me wrong we all have our bad mornings/days but the difference is in how you approach it!

No matter whether your having a good or bad day or just straight out right hate mornings starting your day with a routine that makes you smile and grateful for each day gets you excited about life and the day ahead. Even if you're loathing something you have to do during the day being able to start the day off positively helps with approaching the task in a cheerful way getting it done and making it not actually that bad. There are so many things to go see, do and achieve in each day. Think of every day as being new opportunity to work towards your goals and dreams and to change the world. Incorporate your own magicalness of fun things you enjoy into the start of your day and you'll start to see the sunnier side of mornings!

My top 5 tips to brighten your mornings!

  1. Fly out of bed and open the curtains: As soon you hear your alarm just get straight out of bed and open your curtains. This prevents the "Just 5 more minutes!"... an hour later. Have a hot shower first thing if that's what you need to do to wake up.
  2. Put some happy music on, dance and sing around your room: This gets you in a happy and motivating mood and what is life without a bit of dancing and headbanging!. (May I suggest pink deodorant cans make great microphones! ;D)
  3. Get dressed into something that makes you feel confident and beautiful: If you want to be beautiful and confident you have to feel it and look it. Feeling great comes from the inside and outside so dress to impress yourself! If you have a work uniform or are a guy put on enticing deodorant/perform, style your hair, do your make up and wear a sexy pair of underwear and happy socks!
  4. Write and speak positive affirmations: Write on yourself, a mirror or a piece of paper positive affirmations. This is empowering and if you think and speak positive, positive things will happen!
  5. Eat a clean healthy breakfast: Fuelling your mind and body from the get go will help you feel energetic for the day.

My top 10 favourite songs to brighten mornings!
  1. Avril Lavigne: Take Me Away (Let Go B Side version)
  2. Christina Aguilera: Show Me How You Burlesque
  3. Demi Lovato: Who Will I Be
  4. Hilary Duff: I Am
  5. Hoku: Perfect Day
  6. Katy Perry: Teenage Dream
  7. S Club 7: Bring It All Back
  8. Selena Gomez: Who Says
  9. Shania Twain: Man! I Feel Like A Woman
  10. Skye Sweetnam: Just The Way I Am
You will have different activities you enjoy that will help you to start the day, these are just my personal favourites which have helped me on some of my worst mornings to get up, keep going and to lift my spirits. Welcome the mornings and be thankful for what you have in life, as Louise L Hay says "Life loves you" 

Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

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