Wednesday, 18 September 2013

21 Ways To Become Stronger Than Your Eating Disorder!

  1. Meal support: Get someone to be there through your meals on the days you really feel like you can't or are having trouble eating or just need some support. This could be family, a friend or counsellor. Pick someone you trust and is supportive. Have them there just to make sure you do eat, are ok and to give you a nice big hug! After all who doesn't love a hug!
  2. Ask for help: I know you feel scared, ashamed or don't want to but you need to reach out and ask for help from people who can help you. Just one person won't help you in your journey but a few loving, supportive and caring people will, so please no matter how painful it is ask for that help that you know your needing.
  3. Be open and honest: With yourself and your support people no matter how scared or how much you don't want to. You need to!
  4. Have a support bear: Having your own little support bear that has meaning to you is a great way to get through those hard times. My bear was given to me by a friend when I was first trying to recover. It meant a lot to me to have true friends and that year I experienced so much and my bear represents fighting for life and love. His name is Mr Smiles and still sits with me through meals nearly 3 years later.
  5. Alternative medicine: Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT), Colour Therapy, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Crystal healing, Reiki etc. Search them up and try them out or see someone who specialises in them!
  6. Create vision/dream boards: Search the Internet, print pictures and get creating!
  7. Visualise your dreams while your eating: Visualise yourself doing and achieving your dreams and know that you are eating to reach those dreams and to be healthy.
  8. Sit in front of a mirror while eating: Tell the voices to fuck off and that your eating to be healthy and to live. I use to go and talk to a girl who had recovered during the height of my ED and this was something in her journey that helped her.
  9. Self Love: Yes it is time to start the love journey! Fall in love with you!
  10. Write positive messages on yourself: For every bad thought you have write a positive one on your body.
  11. Write love notes to yourself on your mirrors: Leave little post it notes or write in lipstick some love messages to yourself!
  12. Put your dreams/ happy posters on your walls: Happy messages, goals, good memories etc create a dream room fulled with love and happiness!
  13. Hate your ED: Declare war and know that your going to win!
  14. Talk: Family, friend, counsellor, Dr etc. Talk and open up, you need to deal with all your issues babe and learn to understand what's beneath it all so you can move onwards and upwards.
  15. Go out and live: You know the one go have healthy fun! Go to the movies, ten bowling, stalk hot guys (in a non creepy way!), play card and board games, go to the beach and build sand castles, go to a play ground etc. Life is for living!
  16. Mediation, chanting and yoga: Find your inner peace and heal the mind as well as the body, breathe in positivity and exhale negativity.
  17. Brighten someones day: Give a gift, send a nice message, do something anonymously! One of the greatest gifts in life is making someone smile.
  18. Writing/poetry: This is such a fabulous way to express yourself! Write a letter to yourself as a child or something you need to get off your chest, goals and dreams etc. I love to write in general but poetry/songs I find help me a lot to express myself in a creative way what I'm feeling.
  19. Dance, laugh and smile: Crank up that music and do a twirl, watch funny and inspiring youtube videos, play truth or dare, run down hills, pick flowers etc. Smile that beautiful smile and what is life without laughter!
  20. Scream: Angry screams, girly screams, metal screaming whatever kind just scream and get that hate out. I tried to learn metal screaming during my recovery and it felt like I was screaming the demons out of my head however I then I started to lose my voice :p.
  21. Wish upon a rose quartz stone: Rose quartz are a stone of love and can be used to attract all kinds of love including self love. Some ways to use a rose quartz stone are by sleeping with it under your pillow, meditating and putting you energy and goals into it, you can also put it under the moon light or in a water container and drink the water. You can have one around your room to create/attract love and peace. Rose quartz are pretty cheap and are often designed in a shape of a heart. I have one sitting on my dressing table with some lucky coins and notes under it :) 

Recovery is something you work on everyday and once you are at a healthy weight and mindset getting into fitness and muscle building is a great way to continue to fight an eating disorder this may not work for everyone though.

If it is something you are interested in and are at a good point in your recovery I would suggest getting the ok from your Dr to start exercising. You will also need a good support team which might include a Dr, counsellor and a personal trainer that you check in regularly with and are open/honest. Also think about what you want to achieve with your fitness journey such as getting stronger, gaining muscle or being fit and healthy.

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