Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Smile Because You Are Beautiful: A Poem Of Self Love!

The magic lies in your heart of all that you are; you may feel like it's all dark but trust me this trouble won't last. This society is corrupt it contradicts what you should be so be a rebel and be a role model of what you want to be.

Society defines beauty but really all it does is destroy the human race of expressing the hidden wonders of individual creative pieces of art. It instead creates a devil demon sucking your soul to be left a dead ratted rag doll but the monster within is not going to win so smile because you are beautiful.

When the pain of yesterday hurts your soul and it takes its toll, you look in the mirror criticising everything you are, starving for perfection thinking if only you were prettier, skinnier and beautiful then this life would be better, crying tears of pain thinking of purging it all away. The demons are banging them drums, rotting your core, gonna turn you into a corpse but stand up because you are worth more than the devil demon leaving its scars. You're not going to take shit so get your gloves, put them on with the will to fight, stand up tall cause you know your strong, this lives a fight, never ever give it up, throwing punches through the sky cause no ones going to stop you, got to reach the top but of course don't forget to smile because you are beautiful.

When you feel broken sing a tune of I'm going to make it because the gorgeous person staring back at you in the mirror is going to be the one to save you. Be a dreamer and know you have the power to achieve anything great so don't be blind to your unique talents because it is fate that they are yours. Spread your wings, take flight and remain balanced but always remember to smile because you are beautiful.

Break the cycle of a world that's corrupt, blow the universe apart with your essence, rebirth from natures earth, you will then know your worth, so please fight this fight because you've got this life right here and now so don't let be anything else than who you are and smile because you are beautiful.

Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

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