Thursday, 31 October 2013

21 Things To Do On Bad Days!

  1. 28 Cats Having A Way Worse Day Than You
  2. Curl up into a ball, listen to music, cry and go to sleep. Get up and try again tomorrow.
  3. Hug fluffy animals
  4. Avoid people
  5. Don't avoid people
  6. Watch America's home funniest videos until your stomach hurts.
  7. Exercise! Go for a run, lift some heavy sh!t, get angry and go all beast mode! 
  8. Ring your Mummy or someone you love, talk, talk about everything.
  9. Rent tragic chick flicks and watch them while hugging a teddy bear in your PJ's.
  10. Watch funny cat videos on Youtube.
  11. Treat yourself to a new dress, book, getting your hair or nails done, massage etc. Go wild and splash out ;)
  12. Play old school video games.
  13. Learn your favourite 90's dance routines. A bit of Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again in the house anyone?!?!
  14. Learn to rap your favourite gangsta songs.
  15. Walk in the rain while listening to sad music, take in your surroundings and feel the wind in your hair.
  16. Clean out your room and reorganise it.
  17. Make a card for someone and tell them how much you love them. Walk to their house and drop it in their mail box or post it if they live far away.
  18. Have a long hot shower and cry some more.
  19. Watch motivational speeches. Greg Plitt is out of this world and may I add sexy as hell! ;D I dare you to watch this inspirational man! Greg Plitt: Keep The Fire Alive
  20. Buy and read Love and Sequins by Gala Darling.
  21. Drive and escape to your favourite place or catch a bus, listen to music and zone out.

Tomorrow is a brand new day! :)

Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

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