Sunday, 27 October 2013

21 Things To Do When You Go Camping!

One of my favourite childhood memories is going camping, I went every year from the time I was 9 months old until I was 17. I was very blessed to have my family, both sets of grandparents, family friends and other friends come join over the years. My family would go to a place called Kuaotunu which is 30 minutes outside Whitianga in the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. I believe this is one of the most beautifulest places in New Zealand and is a home for my family and me. I have so many great memories and stories to this place from boogie boarding for hours on my favourite beaches, playing card and board games with family, catching my first fish, standing on rubbish bins to help debone fish, cave walks, wearing 90's sun glasses and singing along to Roxette... "I'M GONNA GET DRESSED FOR SUCCESS SHAPING ME UP FOR THE BIG TIME, BABY", jumping on my grandparents air bed, having a birthday party for a dog, being flooded out and the list goes on. 

Eventually my parents wanted to try somewhere different so we started going to Bowentown which is near Tauranga and this has also been a highlight and carries lots of great memories too. When I was 18 I left home, started flatting and doing other things so I haven't gone for the last few years but camping is something I want to get back into as I grow older as it has been such  a highlight for my family and me.

These are some of my favourite things I did while I was camping and are a must do! So start planning, packing and go on your merry way!
  1. Play Pontoon with 5 cent pieces
  2. Meditate on the beach while the suns rising
  3. Write messages in the sand
  4. Make sand castles by dribbling wet sand! (My Dad would always make lots of these and my Mum would called them a Hobbit Vills)
  5. Collect cicada shells in a bucket and pour them over someones head!
  6. Boogie board all day baby!
  7. Play Chinese Checkers with 6 players (If you want to be a cheeky sh!t and don't want someone to win put your piece in there final home spot! My family might of nearly banned me for doing this :p)
  8. Star watch on top of a hill
  9. Go on bush walks and take picnics
  10. Walk through a Weta cave (or any cave for that matter!)
  11. Learn to put up your own tent
  12. Sneak up to someone and put ice down their back while their having an afternoon snooze
  13. Fish of a wharf (Although I do not condone killing fishies! :p)
  14. Go in a boat and feel the ocean breeze
  15. Visit a local town near by and buy knick knacky things
  16. Feed ducks
  17. Learn to be a killer card shark in Uno
  18. Play spotlight, tag, hide n seek and traffic lights as the sun is going down
  19. Collect Muscles
  20. Slide down hills
  21. Go for an evening stroll down the beach and crush the edges of built up sand!

Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

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