Sunday, 20 October 2013

Embracing Being A Loner: 21 Things To Do When You Like To Be Alone!

  1. Buy a bunch of glitter and throw it while twirling around
  2. Head bang like a hardcore mofo ;)
  3. Do yoga to metal music
  4. Make protein pancakes
  5. Draw a target then throw eggs at it
  6. 100% a song on guitar hero on easy, medium, hard and expert
  7. Write songs and metal scream them
  8. Create new outfits and make up looks
  9. Watch pranks and dare videos on youtube then film your own
  10. Playdough!
  11. Go do Archery
  12. Spray deodorant around your room and run through it
  13. Draw tattoo designs and put them across your room
  14. Go to a park and swing as high as the sky
  15. Write a parody
  16. Watch Pretty Little Liars episodes back to back while painting your nails
  17. Dye, cut and style your hair
  18. Plan your goals and dreams
  19. Read a book at the opposite end of your bed
  20. Dress up gothic, buy yourself a rose and take dramatic and fun pictures in adventurous places
  21. Dress up like a punk bunny, hop everywhere you go and eat carrots
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Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

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