Friday, 4 October 2013

Making A Bucket List!

What is a bucket list?
Most of you will probably know what a bucket list is but for those of you that don't it is a list of things you want to do before you die. Your list can have as many or as little things as you want and can include anything. Dream crazy, wildly and fiercely! What do you want to do before you die?

Why make one?
I think it's important to make a bucket list because it's easy to get stuck in a dark place and forget how exciting and magical life can be. I named this blog after my bucket list and the theme song I wrote to my life called Rainbow-Rose's Land Of Magic because I see life as a land of magic as there are so many things to go explore, do, see and achieve (fun fact there for you! ;D). It's always good to remember that life is for living and to have fun!

Ideas you could include in your bucket list:
  • Visiting countries and landmarks
  • Learning languages
  • Adventures: Sky diving, bungee jumping, mountain climbing etc.
  • Events/festivals/celebrations: Tough Mudder, Holi, Cherry Blossom Festival etc.
  • Music: Writing your own songs, learning an instrument. 
  • Concerts
  • Changing your appearance: Hair cuts/styles, tattoos, piercings, fashion.
  • Love: Making out in the rain, taking a romantic bath etc.
  • Taking up a new sport: Archery, Rock Climbing, Tennis, Soccer etc.
  • Learning a new hobby:  Taking drawing classes, painting etc.
  • Giving to others: Shaving your hair off for charity, giving a big gift to someone anonymously etc.

My Top 5 Tips When Making A Bucket List!
  1. Spend time: Write your bucket list over time as the things you want to go and do will change and grow over the years. I spent 2 years writing mine and it has 200 things on it! Although over the years there are more things I want to do and have added to the list, if they are not written down, then I have pictures around my room or always carry it with me in my mind. 
  2. Silly little things: There are always those silly little things you want to do just for giggles! For me mine include going to the movies in my pj's, having a neon outfit exercise day with some friends and going dancing in my 7inch goth boots.
  3. Internet: Search, search, search! Search out other peoples bucket lists, events, landmarks, anything you want to do etc.
  4. Ask others: It's always interesting to hear what others have on their bucket list to get ideas or even tweak their ideas to your own style!
  5. Movies/TV shows: Come on who hasn't dreamt about living out a movie scene or a scene from a TV show?!?!

You have one life why not explore the land of magic?!?! Get busy search, creating and doing!

Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

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