Friday, 15 November 2013

21 Things To Do When You're Young, Wild And Free!

  1. Cut up your school uniform including your shoes or modify it to make it fashionable (I suggest doing this once you've left school!)
  2. Go to the cinemas and watch back to back movies
  3. Dump a bag of popcorn over a friends head
  4. Invite a group of friends over, tell them your house is warm and not to wear much clothes then when they turn up tell them their playing strip card games. (Trick is to wear a good 10 or so layers yourself!)
  5. Get an in your face piercing
  6. Have a sleeping bag party
  7. Go to the movies in your onesies
  8. Make a two storeyed colourful cheesecake
  9. Skip around town
  10. Have a museum day with friends (Rotorua Museum is perfect for this!)
  11. Have parties in elevators, telephone and study booths
  12. Cover yourself in bubble wrap and roll down hills
  13. Do the Cha Cha Slide with friends
  14. Reorganise signs around town to spell funny messages
  15. Take photos while you're making out with that special someone
  16. Dance on street corners
  17. Put on some of your guy mates clothes and dance around
  18. Play guitar hero upside down
  19. Get all dressed up crazy and have a day and night photo shoot
  20. Go to a haunted attraction and get dressed up like someone who works there (Cornevil or Spookers is scary as f**k if your in New Zealand!)
  21. Fall into your bed from a standing up position repeatedly

Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

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