Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Importance Of No Makeup Days!

Self confession time!... Yes I was one of those girls that could not leave the house without makeup on!... Now you all know :p

From the age of 13 to 18 I always had to have something on my face, there were a few reasons for this one being that I love makeup, the feeling of putting it on and being able to create new looks and express myself. Another reason I would use makeup was to cover up looking tired and sick from my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but I would also use makeup to hide my insecurities and flaws.

As I got into exercise I still insisted on wearing makeup to the gym although I believe this can be a really good thing because it can help you to embrace a certain mood, craziness, boss out some mad reps and who doesn't want that! :D. As I got more involved with group fitness/team training classes my makeup would be running down my face to create... well shall I say a not so nice look. I began not wearing makeup to the gym as often, I realised I felt beautiful with no makeup, covered in sweat and going hardcore. This gave me the courage to have no makeup days. I get dressed up and go bare faced, yes no mascara, eyeliner, lip stick or foundation! Along with working on self loving (I know exactly what you thought when I said that tsk tsk! ;D), realising NO ONE is perfect and not giving a flying fucker what others think of me I now know I am me beautiful with and without makeup!
Society is constantly selling you a flawless perception of beauty which doesn't exist; this is teaching so many girls to cover their own beauty and hate themselves. We all have flaws and insecurities even that celebrity or model you admire! Along with learning to accept and love yourself and talking, listening and observing people you start to realise and understand this. True beauty comes from working on being the best person you can be and loving who you are, this will radiate from the inside out and inspire others.

No makeup days are important to realise and be able to be comfortable in your true beauty, with your flaws and insecurities and to know that it's ok not to be perfect. There is a certain beauty with being imperfect because it shows a realness and acceptance. It is also important to learn that you are a beautiful, talented and strong woman without wearing a cover up. I believe makeup is a fantastic addition to a woman in which you can embrace femininity, enhance your beauty and embrace different moods but there is a difference between wearing makeup for these things and hiding your flaws and insecurities. I believe it's important to understand when you're trying to cover up your flaws and to break the mold and just be you, beautiful you!

Going bare faced around town can be a scary thought but I challenge you to try it and do it often. Put on your favourite dress, shoes, plug into some music, put a smile on your dial and walk in that sunshine baby, while your at it take some shameless selfies and marvel at your beauty!

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