Saturday, 14 December 2013

21 Ways To Learn To Love Yourself!

  1.  Write a letter to yourself as a child: This is a really emotional thing to do but some big revelations, forgiveness and sense of peace can come from doing this. So get a piece of paper, a pen and write, cry, write, cry some more then smile because you're still here fighting today :)
  2. Write a gratitude list: It can be so easy to forget all the good things in your life but if you truly look there are many great things to be thankful for, even things like being able to see, hear, feel, sunshine and green grass! Write down everything you are thankful for and do it often.
  3. Random acts of kindness: Nothing like making someone smile by doing a good deed which in turn leads to you, yourself feeling happy and bubbly. Give a random gift, send a nice message to someone, help someone in need, volunteer etc.
  4. Listen to your body and give it what it needs: Being able to know what your body truly needs and giving it to your body is an art but sit and really listen and ask yourself "What do I truly need right now?".
  5. Do what makes you happy: If you follow what society, family, friends or your partner wants for you, you will just be miserable and feel trapped. Say fuck it and stand up for yourself and do and be what is going to make you happy even if it means running away and joining the circus :D. Those that truly love you will respect and understand, they however may not agree with it but they will love and support you no matter what. Life is too short not to do what you love so go be you and do what makes you happy!
  6. Take yourself out on dates: This is such a freeing and amazing thing to do! Taking yourself out on dates is where you celebrate yourself and enjoy your own company. You do this ALONE which can be very scary but it also can be sooo much fun just to enjoy being with yourself. Whether you're single or in a relationship I believe everyone should take themselves out on dates! Get dressed up and go to the movies, library, museum etc take a picnic or book, buy yourself flowers or a new dress :D Self loving is where it's at baby!
  7. Create a room full of happiness: Now who doesn't want to wake up to happiness?!?!....Get blu tack or a pin board and write and stick positive affirmations and quotes up, put pictures of your goals and dreams, family, friends and be inspired and filled with happiness every single day. This also helps if you feel down as it motivates and reminds you of everything you're fighting for!
  8. Tell others how much you love them: Life can be here today and gone tomorrow so remember to tell the people around you how much you love them and do it regularly. Let yourself be open to giving and receiving love :)
  9. Wear clothes/outfits that make you feel beautiful, sexy and confident: Life is for living so dress up every single day! Make yourself feel beautiful! Have fun with the way you dress, screw what others say if you want to dress loud and bold, gothic, country, gangsta do it because it is what makes you feel good and love who you are. Don't forget always get dressed for you!
  10. Write down compliments: Even if it's just for one week every now and then, write down all the compliments others give you and you give to others. This can make you realise or remind you of all the wonderful things about yourself that you have forgotten or never knew and also it is something to look at when you feel down. It's just as important to give compliments back to others to remind them of how amazing they are, also keep a track of when you do this!
  11. Cut toxic people out of your life: Know your worth and cut people out of your life who do not respect, love and generally really care about you. Your are worth so much more than people treating you like shit! For some people you may need to talk to them in person and tell them you don't want them in your life or for others you may need to go cold turkey. When cutting toxic people out of your life I suggest deleting and blocking them from any social media and deleting any contacts you have of them. A change of number is always a nice fresh start if needed or if someone keeps trying to contact you.
  12. Write a love letter to yourself: Write it like you're writing a love letter to your lover or someone you like. Tell yourself how amazing and gorgeous you are and everything you love about yourself. Write your accomplishments, hopes and dreams. Hide it somewhere safe and read it in 1 years time.
  13. Forgive yourself: We all make mistakes, say and do silly things, screw up and accidentally hurt people without realising it. Forgive yourself, learn and grow from it because we learn from messing up which is a gift and at the ended of the day the people in your life who are there for you will understand and still love you. You are human and NO ONE is perfect!
  14. Be your own best friend: You wouldn't treat your best friend like sh!t so why are you treating yourself like crap? Make yourself your first best friend and treat yourself with love, respect and happiness.
  15. Surround yourself with loving, positive and inspiring people: These people will be there for you when you're down, won't let you give up and will inspire you to live the life of your dreams and you will also do the same for these people. People like this will be hiding out doing positive happy things like volunteering, helping others or another great place I love is the gym! Transforming and changing their lives and others for the better! These people do exist and it may take awhile to meet and get to know these angels of life and trust me when you're surrounded by these angels their magic rubs off on to you!
  16. Write down things you love about yourself: This can be scary, painful and leave you not knowing what to write. Physical features maybe too hard and painful to start with so start looking at your morals and values... What do you stand for that you like about yourself? Really think... it maybe scary to write that you actually like something about yourself but do it, I dare you to! As your list grows and you get more confident and daring you can start moving on to your physical features such as eyes, hair and legs etc. 
  17. Tell yourself "I can and I will" daily: This is such a powerful affirmation and if you're willing to push yourself these words will take you to places you've never been before ;D They will bring out a fight and strength in you!
  18. Embrace and celebrate yourself: It's easy to hate the quirks that make you, you. Embrace and celebrate them because being you is the best thing and when you start owning your quirks a certain light starts to shine out from you! I thought I was cursed for being different when I was younger and hated myself over it for so long but now I LOVE BEING DIFFERENT and inspiring others to be themselves. I also use to HATE being short!!! Now I think it's awesome and roll with being cute and tiny XD or even my naturally gifted awkwardness I have and still struggle with this but have now learnt to laugh with the close people in my life over awkward things I do or situations I manage to create.
  19. Laugh, dance and sing: What is life without any of these huh? A perfect way to brighten your spirits and feel free. So get dressed up, put your favourite tunes on, grab a deodorant can and sing your lungs out and get down in the middle of the hallway!
  20. Simplify your life: Stress oh stress! Stress can have such detrimental effects on all parts of your health and one way to deal with this is to learn to cut out or change things in your life that aren't working. Whether it's your job, the people around you or something that's making you unhappy write it down and figure out how to simplify your life!
  21. Make self love a priority and practise it daily: Unless you make it a priority and practise it daily, loving yourself ain't going to happen baby! Like anything practise makes perfect, you'll be surprised at how you change and grow for the better!
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo