Saturday, 28 December 2013

21 Things To Do During 2014!

  1. Set 5 goals for the year and achieve those b!tches with pride ;)
  2. Make a new friend.
  3. Create a 2014 playlist and include all songs that hold special memories of the year.
  4. Get to know an acquaintance more and turn them into a close friend.
  5. Make out lots.
  6. Go on an adventure.
  7. Create a first (1st camping trip, catching a fish, tattoo, piercing, kiss etc)
  8. Pick one way to work on loving yourself more, dedicate yourself to practising it daily.
  9. Dedicate 10 minutes everyday to mediating or visualising your goals, dreams, positivity and breathing out hate, dramas and negativity.
  10. Get to know and spend more time with your parents/family.
  11. Learn something new (Language, culture, art, history, sport, hobby etc)
  12. Make a difference in someones life.
  13. Do something daring for charity.
  14. Pick 5 things off your bucket list and do them FEARLESSLY!
  15. Take photos of the special people in your life and moments and create a collage.
  16. Celebrate your birthday in style and honour to your life.
  17. Make the choice and take action to improve your health and live a healthier and happier you!
  18. Take on a dare.
  19. Reinvent yourself physically, emotionally and mentally full of love, uniqueness, positivity and power.
  20. Open your heart to loving yourself, others and the world. Welcome the love that comes from these things into your life freely! 
  21. Just be a happy, positive bunny full of life ;)
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