Saturday, 21 December 2013

21 Ways To Learn To Love Yourself Part 2!

  1. Emotional Freedom Technique: This a tapping therapy where you tap on certain acupuncture points on the body and say your issues, fears or insecurities and then say positive affirmations to reprogramme your mind. Check out my post on What Is And How To Do Emotional Freedom Technique!
  2. Make peace with others and let go: We've all had people hurt us and we've all hurt others ourselves or had misunderstandings it's time to make peace and move on. If you're still in contact with someone these things have happened with or would like to get in contact... DO IT. You can't control how others react but you can control how and what you do. Instead of discussing the situation apologize if you need too and/or make peace with the person (You don't need any contact with this person if you don't want to after). If you can't or would not like to make contact with that person write it in a letter than rip it up and throw it away. We often hold on for too long of the way something has happened or someone has hurt us. Move forward it's in the past.
  3. Brain storm goals and dreams: Dream the wildest dreams you can think of...anything! What do you want to do and be? Really think...write it all down then create small goals to reach those dreams!
  4. Ask for help: Do it! Dr, counsellor, friend, family... learn to know when you need help and reach out for it.
  5. Physically let go of your past: Physically letting go is just as important as mentally and emotionally so how about a makeover? New hair? Clothes? Change of location? Change of name? Tattoo? Piercing? etc. It is rather refreshing :)
  6. Celebrate and reward your successes: Celebrate passing a test, reaching a goal or milestone... go shopping, watch movies, spa day, nails, massage etc
  7. Say "I love myself" in front of a mirror daily: You may not believe it or it is hard to say and painful but say it, say it while you smile, say it while you cry but the most important thing is that you say it.
  8. Wear sexy underwear: Tehe it's like your own little secret of happiness... oh and don't you just feel happier when you wear matching underwear too?!?! :p
  9. Start a new project: Instead of dwelling in hate dive head first into something brand spanking new... art, sport, volunteering etc 
  10. Write on your mirror: In lipstick, eyeliner post it notes... tell yourself how gorgeous and wonderful you are!
  11. Talk: Get it all out, do not bottle it in until you break down! Talk it out with someone you trust and can help you! Talk about how to get out of a situation/move forward or make something better instead of dwelling on the negatives.
  12. Positive self talk: This is one of the most powerful things to learn when it comes to self love. A great way to start on positive self talk is to fight your bad thoughts with the opposite version... a positive thought or start off by saying one positive thing about yourself daily and increase this weekly. Another great thing to learn is when life throws you a challenge learn to say "I'm safe and ok in this moment" "Whatever life throws at me I can handle it" "I use this experience to learn and grow". Whether you think you can or you think you can't you are right!
  13. Hug yourself: Give yourself a loving and warm hug... yes I did just write hug YOURSELF!!!
  14. Write a theme song to your life: What would be the lyrics to the theme song to your life? Set a scene and get writing! Superhero, flower power, fluffy and cute?!?! (Mine's called Rainbow-Rose's Land Of Magic and I will share it one day! ;D)
  15. Accept and give compliments: Compliments are wonderful gifts and it is important to accept and give them back to others to realise how wonderful you are and also to remind others of how wonderful they are! Check out my post on How To Accept Compliments!
  16. Learn to say no and yes: There are times in life when it all becomes to much or something just isn't working learn to say no to keep you well mentally, emotionally and physically however on the opposite end learn to say yes, yes to the adventure of life while still maintaining who you are!
  17. Learn to stop comparing yourself to others: Comparing yourself to others is a dangerous game that can leave you in self hatred, practise being better than who you were yesterday! Check out my post on How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!
  18. Write positive messages all over your body: Grab a vivid and start writing happy messages to yourself!
  19. Write down your strengths and weakness: We all have strengths and weakness, accept both and come up with ways to work on your weakness and embrace your strengths.
  20. Everything happens for a reason: When life sh!ts on you see it as a chance to learn and grow. As much as it may suck at the time practise being able to turn the situation into something positive. When that sh!t comes at you, tell yourself "Come at me life, It's game time!" ;)
  21. Just love: Love yourself, you are you for a reason so stop wishing you are someone else because you're wasting the person you are. You are strong, loving, talented, powerful, beautiful and sexy in every way so start believing it!
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