Saturday, 7 December 2013

How To Make The Cut!

Time for a dramatic makeover? A change? or just want to get rid of those locks? Making the cut is a big choice but one that I recommend you try at some point in your life as it's a freeing experience and a time for self growth. Everyone can suit short hair with a few key tips so here is my guide on how to make the cut!

Making the cut can completely change the way you feel about yourself and can be a physical and spiritual way of letting go of old baggage and diving head first (A pun was so intended ;D) into change and a new you! I personally find changing and chopping my hair is a very spiritual thing for me to do to let go of all the things that have happened since my previous hairstyle and it's time for me to evolve physically, mentally and emotionally. Physical change is just as important as mental and emotional as the way you look plays a huge impact on how you feel about yourself so I encourage you to embrace positive change not just mentally and emotionally but physically too.

There are times in life where you have to make courageous jumps as you won't grow any wings to learn to fly and grow. This also goes for cutting your hair which is a very scary thing and can make you very hesitant with questions like "What if I don't like it?" "Will it take ages to grow back? "What if I miss my long hair?" this can make you just stick with what you have and miss out on all the fun you could have with change. My piece of advice for this is at the end of the day your hair will grow back, you can get extensions (clip in, glue in etc), get it cut into a different shorter style, colour it, dress it up and style it up! There are so many options to play with so you a never truly stuck in hating your hair and you won't know if you like it until you try!

I got my hair cut short nearly 4 years ago because I was bored of my hair and I was going through a lot at the time and wanted to "free myself" and let go of some things. I love my hair short and not sure I would want to grow it long again, plus colouring my hair is so much cheaper! I love trying different funky and edgy cuts and if my hair is growing out and I feel like long hair I'll wear some clip in extensions and dress it up! I have now done so much to my hair, cut and colour wise I would like to get it shaved off for charity at the end of next year!

My Top Tips When Making The Cut!
  1. Search: Search magazines, people on the street, Internet and celebrates and collect some pictures of hair cuts you like.
  2. The Picture: Pick a picture of what you want to get your hair cut to, keep in mind though your hairdresser may need to modify the cut to suit your face shape (If you don't know your face shape ask your hairdresser as it's always a handy thing to know). You might like to point out to your hairdresser what you like about the cut in the photo and what you don't and add your own style to it or ask for their opinion. Pictures are a great base to work off because every ones idea of layered or this or that are completely different where working off a photo you can really see, point out and understand what you are going for.
  3. Hairdresser: Find a really good hairdresser! A good tip for this is look for a hairdresser who's hair and style you admire because you will most likely like the way they will add their on style and magic to your hair! Also save up those pennies because trust me paying a bit more for a good hairdresser and cut/colour will make all the difference! You might need to go around different salons and ask about prices which is also a good way to spot a funky hairdresser!
  4. Style: Ask your hairdresser how you can style your new cut and what products to use, also look at different pictures and ways the celebrity or someone of a similar cut has styled their hair. This helps you know how to get the look your going for and different ways you can style up your cut!

So why not take a courageous jump and make the cut for a freeing experience and a brand new you?!?!

Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

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