Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Badass Playlist!

  1. Three Days Grace: Are You Ready For This?
  2. Eminem: Won't Back Down
  3. 2 Chainz Feat Wiz Khalifa: We Own It
  4. Linkin Park: Wretches And Kings
  5. 50 Cent: Ready For War
  6. Three Days Grace: Riot
  7. Thousand Foot Krutch: I Get Wicked
  8. Trivium: Built To Fall
  9. Lady Sovereign: Love Me Or Hate Me
  10. Thousand Foot Krutch: Courtesy Call
  11. Sum 41: Underclass Hero
  12. Disturbed: Indestructible
  13. Eminem: You Don't Know
  14. All That Remains: This Calling
  15. Free The Fallen: Century
  16. Eminem: Lose Yourself
  17. Slash: Beautiful Dangerous
  18. Thousand Foot Krutch: Fire It Up
  19. Escape The Fate: We Won't Back Down
  20. 12 Stones: Anthem For The Underdog
Love from the land of magic
Rainbow :) xoxo

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