Thursday, 16 January 2014

25 Ways To Naturally Fight Depression!
  1. Exercise: One word for you ENDORPHINS!!! :D
  2. Healthy food: A lack of vitamins and minerals can a contribute to depression so stock up on healthy foods and limit junk to help fight the darkness baby!
  3. Sleep: Have a set time each night to get adequate amounts of sleep, no screen time 30 minutes before bed, turn clock around and maybe even a bit of hanky panky *wink wink* to ensure for a refreshing nights sleep and regulation of hormones.
  4. Support: Have a strong positive support system around you, that you can openly talk to and that help you through.
  5. <3 the little things: When the days are dark it's the little things that can remind you why you love life such as sitting outside in the sunshine, playing in a playground, going for a walk, getting dressed, watching your favourite movie or the innocence of children etc. So take time to enjoy the little things because they are the greatest gifts to help you through.
  6. Bath with essential oils: Relax and read a book!
  7. Music: Sometimes you can feel so alone and disconnected that no one understands except music so plug in for a few hours and just dream.
  8. Spend time in nature and with animals: The world truly is a land of magic so get out into the green grass, flowers, waterfalls, rainbows, sun, rain, wind, snow and really feel the magic of it! Also spend time with animals they truly do help to fix a broken and dark soul. (The best thing I love about animals is they don't judge, you can just give and receive love and company, plus they're just so FLUFFY! :p)
  9. Flaxseed oil OR fish oil and St John's Wort: These 2 things together are a great natural herbal way to fight depression!
  10. Colour up your life: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink! Dress in brights, decorate your room with colours and buy colourful things etc! There's just a certain happiness and joy about colour so turn that black into neon lights ;D Totes was trying to make Demi Lovato Neon Lights joke... Tehe
  11. Take a holiday: Get out and spend time in a different place and with different people, let go of anything your holding onto and enjoy.
  12. Cuddles: Who doesn't love warm fuzzy cuddles?!?!
  13. Cover yourself in positivity: Happy notes, body butter, glitter, sequins, nail polish, funky socks and sexy underwear!
  14. Discover what you truly want in life: Brain storm what's contributing to your depression and what you truly want for and in your life. Plan ways to cut out what's not working and what you need to do to move forward and make that magic happen!
  15. Buy yourself flowers: Lilies, roses, tulips, daffodils, real ones or fake ones and take in the colour, smell and beauty.
  16. Get out of the house: Staying inside your house consistently will really draw the monster in so fight that asshole and make that step to get outside. Ask a friend or family member to help you out and take you somewhere. Zoo, gardens, a walk, theme park, museum... just some where that makes you smile.
  17. Watch Magic Mike ;): Hehe need I say more!
  18. Ride a bike Have a flower basket and ride down the streets carefree, feel the wind in your hair and birds singing.
  19. Become a yoga addict: Relax, stretch and be proud of yourself.
  20. Blow bubbles, play knuckle bones, hand ball and hop scotch: Embrace your inner child!
  21. Get off Facebook: Facebook has strong links to contributing to depression so deactivate for awhile and you'll start to find you're not comparing your life to everyone else's so much!
  22. Pull pranks and scare others: Mwahahaha don't pranks just get you excited?!?! :D Youtube some funny but not stupid ideas and pick ya victim!
  23. Giggle, snort, giggle, snort and giggle some more: Nothing like fits of giggles and giggling more because you or someone else snorted! Just don't giggle and shit because then you have a problem :p
  24. Draw your depression and name it: To be able to physically see it can help you deal with it and beat it. So whip out that creativity!
  25. There is light: It might be tiny but there is always light and beauty in life so stay fighting and you will get through the tunnel to find the land of magic!
*If you struggle with really bad depression or mental illness please seek professional help!

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