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How To Find Peace During Meditation!

How many of you can think about nothing and clear your mind during meditation? (I totally admire if you can!) Do you find it hard to relax or find mediation useless? ... Meditation is a wonderful way to discover yourself, grow/learn from your past and to help fight for your dreams so I'm going to share with you how I found my inner peace during meditation!

When I was in my main phase of recovery I tried meditation a few times and got entirely frustrated as I had heard/read growing up that meditation is where your meant to "clear your mind and think about nothing... just nothing" The more I tried to not think and relax the more my mind threw bad thoughts and images at me (keep in mind this was also linked to my ED) my mind would race and I would feel more upset then I did before the meditation. I then had read somewhere to breathe in positivity and breathe out negativity, this linked in with visualisation for me and I was able to discover a place where I could breathe out negative images and breathe and live in a positive world that I was fighting towards.

As time has gone on I have developed what I like to think about more in depth and have created positive phrases to go along with it. I like to think of a place in which I feel safe, loved, happy and inspired... this just so happens to be a rain forest with a waterfall, greenery, flowers, animals and... a rainbow ;). I like to think of my goals/dreams and what I feel grateful for in my life. I imagine myself lifting weights in the rain forest, having a photo shoot for fitness magazine covers, giving motivational speeches and reaching out and inspiring others, being surrounded by my family and friends, giving them hugs and laughing with them. I also combine this with positive key phrases my main one is usually "I'm stronger, fitter and healthier everyday" but I also include "I can and will achieve my dreams", "I love my family and friends", "I love myself inside and out", "My talents are in demand" and many other positive phrases. This becomes a very happy place for me to be in to remind myself of everything I'm fighting for and all the beautiful things in my life.

Different things work for everyone, there is no set answer, I believe not "clearing your mind" and actually thinking, using visualisation and positive self key phrases towards your goals/ dreams and what you are grateful for during mediation is hugely powerful to find inner peace and to never give up on the beauty that is life. I believe it's so powerful because you are speaking and visualising kindly and lovingly to your mind, body, soul and spirit which in turn reflects and radiates on and into every part of your being. 

My Top 5 Tips On How To Relax During Meditation!
  1. Pick your surroundings: Where is a place you feel you belong, calming, happy or inspired? Forest, ocean, clouds, lakes, hills, river etc.
  2. Find your world: What are you grateful for in your life? What are your goals and dreams? Imagine what your grateful for and showing love for these things. Imagine you're physically doing your goals and achieving them and also imagine your emotions... feeling strong, laughing, loving, smiling etc. The key is to really feel and see yourself doing these things.
  3. Breathe out negativity and breathe in positivity: On your out breath push away negative images and thoughts and in your in breath, breathe in positive ones.
  4. Positive Key Phrases: Develop positive key phrases for your goals and what you are grateful for. For the first few times or when you solely want to focus on one aspect of your life I encourage you just to focus on 1 key phrase during your meditation. It could be anything from "I am grateful for my life" "I can and I will achieve my goals" "I love my family and friends" "I love myself" or one of my favourites from Louise L Hay is "Life loves me". Repeat your key phrase over and over again in your head while you visualise your goals and gratitude. As you meditate more I encourage you to add more positive key phrases.
  5. Practise and dedicate!: Practise the art of meditation and dedicate yourself to 10 minutes daily or if that's too much for you try 10 minutes 3 times a week. Soon enough you'll find peace within yourself!
Inner peace through meditation is possible and I encourage you try and find a way that works for you. Discover your happy place where you are making your dreams come true and that you are grateful for the life you have.

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With love
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