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Why And How To Legally Change Your Name!

Why legally change your name?

Changing your name is such a powerful thing to do in life when you have gone through traumatic events or events in general that have changed you as a person. It's a way of physically moving on from past events and moving forward into happier you or moving with the way you have changed and grown in your life. Names are interesting in the sense that when you first meet and get to know someone what ever name you introduce yourself as and others get to know you by they will associate you with that name. You can be any name you want... I personally believe legally changing it makes it set in stone and helps to cut ties to bad and damaging emotions to move forward from past events which helps to fully embrace the person you are and want to be.

Your parents chose your birth name, you are their little darling but they don't know what you will go through growing up and through out your life. Events in your life will change you and the name you were once given may not be who you truly are anymore or maybe a strong trigger to traumatic events. Your family may not take the decision to change your name well but the best thing you can do is to tell them straight up and be open and honest with why you are changing it.

To be able to create your own name is such a cool thing! You know what you like and what you don't which really your parents didn't know when they named you... most of the time they had a pre-set name for you which they liked and may of or may not of had meaning to them... not you...(Unless it was a family related name) or they waited until you were born and thought awww she/he looks like a (Insert your birth name here) but really is that YOUR name? The name you feel is right for you? Is your name making you hold on to certain past events/feelings and not allowing you to move forward? Have you grown and changed and feel your name doesn't suit you anymore?

Picking a name:
  1. What do you like? Different names? Characters or things in movies and TV shows? hobbies? gaming? etc. You know what you like so search around and create a list of possible names.
  2. Take time: Spend time searching,  thinking and saying the different names you like. Your new name may not come to you straight a way so don't rush it. I HIGHLY suggest NOT having someone else's full name just for giggles or because you like it. YOU are an unique individual so you should have an unique individual name! If you like a name of someone or something put it on your list then mash it with another name you like. This is a good way to create some great combo's of crazy amazeballs names ;D
  3. Be sensible: Choose a name that you like and has meaning to you, magic will come from doing this and help prevent not liking or suiting your new name. If you later on decide you do not like your name you can go back to your birth name or change it again. You will know when you have the right name because bubbliness and magical will arise within you to say HELL YES that is MY name! DO NOT I repeat DO NOT choose something you bluntly know is not appropriate or something you know will not be relevant to you in a few years. Keep in mind there are lists in a lot of countries of names you can't legally change it to.
  4. Practise your new signature: This I can say is a very interesting thing to do! When you have known one signature your whole life it's a really weird feeling signing in a different name but practise how you will sign your new name and try different ways to see which suits you.
  5. Change it!: There can be a lot of feelings running through you when changing your name... excitement, nervousness, scared, is it the right or wrong choice? etc. but take that mightily big jump and welcome the freakin' awesomeness of it!

Legally changing it:
* This is the legal way if you live in New Zealand, for other countries check out your government website to find out more or Google search "How to legally change my name in (Insert your country or state here)"

Also keep in mind the legal age to change your name in New Zealand without parental consent is 18. There is also age restricts in other countries too.
  1. Print and fill out form: Births, Deaths And Marriages (Changing A Name) Select which option you would like...I suggest ticking the box with a new birth certificate sent to you.
  2. Go to a Justice of the peace (JP): They can be found in your local court house, get them to sign and stamp the form.
  3. Post away with a cheque: Send away with a cheque of $127.70 and any added fees for the option you picked and within the next few weeks you should get confirmation of your name change.
  4. Copy and print out new birth cert: (If you chose new birth certificate option) Go to a JP and get these copies verified and stamped (Also take the real version along with you!) These copies are to give to your bank, Dr's etc. so they have on record your name change. (You will also need to get a new drivers licences)
  5. Tell people and embrace the change: Introduce yourself to the world with your brand spanking new name and embrace the positive change!
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