Monday, 3 February 2014

22 Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day The Self Loving Way!
  1. Buy yourself a rose.
  2. Have a fairy bath with glitter, stones and flowers.
  3. Get up early and watch the sun rise.
  4. Search out new positions and toys and well you know.... *wink wink* :p
  5. Dress up in your sexiest outfit (corsets anyone? ;))
  6. Buy new sexy lingerie.
  7. Take yourself and/or some friends for a date day.
  8. Spend some time with kitty cats.
  9. Visit the gym and get an intense work out on ;)
  10. Go do something fun and rebellious.... A new piercing? Tattoo? Dance dare?
  11. Catch up with an old friend and laugh about old times.
  12. Wear fairy wings, a tiara and read your favourite childhood books in funny voices. (Even better go to the Library and do it!)
  13. Make a wish.
  14. Buy some chalk and go crazy creating street art.
  15. Buy a piece of jewellery and make it your self love totem.
  16. Forget about your ex, love yourself and let love from others in. 
  17. Wear bright red lipstick and create your own glitter high heels! Here's how: DIY Glitter Heels!
  18. Put on your favourite pyjamas and booty shake.
  19. Create a fort in your lounge, light candles (or buy fake ones) and get up to mischief.
  20. Search out your favourite positive quotes and create a collage.
  21. Jump up and down on beds while blowing bubbles.
  22. Dedicate yourself to self love.
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

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