Tuesday, 18 February 2014

5 Bad Ass Body Modifications!

1.Tongue Splitting

According to (Tongue splitting, 2014), tongue splitting is where the tongue is split from the tip to as far back as the underneath of the tongues base. Tongue splitting can be done by a body modification professional, oral or plastic surgeon. There are a few methods to split the tongue one of those is using a scalper to cut down the middle and stitching each side together. Before doing this some people will have a fully healed tongue piercing where the back end of the split will be which usually stops the tongue from healing forward from the back of the cut which would create a split not as deep as wanted.

Another way to split the tongue is cauterizing (burning part of the skin to stop bleeding) and can be done with a argon laser or cautery unit which both burn the tongue in two shutting off the blood vessels and stopping the majority of the bleeding.

A method that someone can do themselves is the tie off where a fishing line is tired through a current healed tongue piercing to the tip of the tongue and tightened. When the line has cinched through the tissue and becomes lose, it is cut out and a new tighter line is placed in to continue the cut. This way can take a few days to a few months and lets the tongue heal as it's being split keeping blood loss to a minimum and no need to have stitches or cauterizing.

Tongue splitting takes about 1-2 weeks to heal which can make it hard to eat and a lisp might develop while the tongue is healing. The procedure can be reversed if desired but it is more painful than the splitting itself.

Doesn't this look like fun? ;D 

2. Surgical Elf Ears

3. Corset Piercing

According to (Corset piercing, 2013), a corset piercing is a group of surface piercings side by side to look like a laced corset. Usually worn for photo shoots, events and fetish reasons as a temporary piercing as the risk of rejection and migration is quiet high for surface piercings. Although as a permanent piercing the most success has been found using surface bars and not lacing the piercing until it is healed as the lace adds pressure increasing the risk of rejection and migration. Once healed a special bead with a ring can be placed on the end of the bar and the piercing can be laced.

4. Being A Tattoo Freak

This is Zombie Boy who's real name is Rick Genest. The majority of his body is tattooed as a living skeleton and he has worked in different sideshows and freak shows. If he looks familiar you may have seen him in the likes of Lady Gaga's Born This Way video and in fashion editorials. This sexy beast is added to my list of future husbands ;)

5. Ear Stretching

According to (Stretching (body piercing), 2014), ear stretching is a popular body modification in which healed ear piercings are stretched bigger. Stretching your ears can be done in several ways with the most common being tapering which uses lubrication and tapered ear rods to push the thinnest part of the rod through the ear until the widest part is level with the surrounding skin. The tapered rods come in many sizes and each taper should be left in for about a month before moving up sizes to allow healing.

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