Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Freedom Playlist!

  1. Simple Plan: Ordinary Life
  2. Avril Lavigne: Rock 'N' Roll
  3. Simple Plan: The Rest Of Us
  4. Paramore: Ain't It Fun
  5. Katy Perry: Roar
  6. Demi Lovato Feat Cher Lloyd: Really Don't Care
  7. Avril Lavigne: Nobody's Fool
  8. Ke$ha: Warrior
  9. Simple Plan: Outta My System
  10. Sum 41: Underclass Hero
  11. Ricki-Lee: Raining Diamonds
  12. Thousand Foot Krutch: War Of Change
  13. Avril Lavigne: What The Hell
  14. Jesse McCartney: We Can Go Anywhere
  15. Ke$ha: We R Who We R
  16. Skye Sweetnam: Just The Way I Am
  17. Orianthi: Courage
  18. T.I. Feat Rihanna: Live Your Live
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

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