Monday, 10 March 2014

21 Ways To Bring Happiness Into your Life!

  1. Start your self love journey. What Is Self Love?
  2. Watch Secrets of Truly Happy People soo soo true.
  3. Be a cheeky sh!t
  4. Embrace your inner child
  5. Exercise and clean healthy eating. (I know I say this over and over again but it is so true if done in a safe and healthy way. Enlist help from a personal trainer, dietitian, Dr, counsellor, family and friends if needed and begin the fun!)
  6. Make a small goal and go and achieve it... once you do that make a bigger one.
  7. Cut toxic people out of your life.
  8. Let the people who love you in.
  9. Give to others: Time, love, gifts, hugs, advice etc.
  10. Throw glitter and make a wish.
  11. Face your fears head on.
  12. Dream, dream, dream and dream some more... now create your master plan to make them come true!
  13. Accept and laugh at your awkwardness or weird traits.
  14. Cut the bullshit and open yourself up to being real and honest.
  15. Jump up and down excitingly over the smallest things that make you happy.
  16. Be ridiculous silly.
  17. Skip around in public.
  18. Be who you are openly and freely.
  19. THIS every time:
  20. Dress up fiercely, beautifully and sexily everyday. Life is too short not to feel these things and "Darling just fucking own it" ;) (Saw that quote on pinterest and LOVE IT!)
  21. Fill your room with lots of coloured balloons and jump up and down on your bed singing:
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

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