Sunday, 2 March 2014

22 Things To Do When You Don't Have Internet!

  1. Put glitter in balloons and fill your house with them...
  2. Learn how to do water marbling on your nails!
  3. Create your own Mohawk
  4. Decorate your own bra with sequins and knick knacks
  5. DIY fairy glow jars!
  6. Go ice skating
  7. Make melting tights
  8. Make your own fairy dust necklace
  9. Visit a waterfall and make a wish
  10. Create your own runway show with friends
  11. Go for a run in your PJ's
  12. Write a story of your dreams coming true, go crazily in depth...
  13. Make someone laugh hysterically
  14. Do archery in a tutu
  15. Make/create your own dress
  16. Write your parents a letter telling them how much you love them
  17. Have a mad hatters tea party
  18. Watch a scary movie... in the dark.. all alone... at night
  19. Discover a tree house and create a treasure hunt
  20. Tie- dye your shorts neon bright
  21. Discover how to play marbles again and find new friends
  22. Have a historical costume day
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

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