Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How To Cut Toxic People Out Of Your Life!


Sick of someone disrespecting you? Being hurt over and over again by that same person? Here is your guide on how to cut toxic people out of your life!

At some point in your life you will come across toxic people whether in friendships, relationships, family, work colleagues or flatmates, people who drag you down, point out your flaws and openly hurt you. Sometimes it's easy to cut these people out of your life and well sometimes it's not. I believe keeping toxic people in your life or the " toxic fire burning" comes from your own self hatred, insecurities and fear which becomes a vicious cycle if not broken in which it destroys your mind, body and soul in every way.

Toxic people themselves are stuck in self hatred which reflects by their actions, words, mind games and manipulation. It's not your fault or responsibility for them acting, saying and doing the things they do, it is their responsibility. However you do have the responsibility to respect yourself, unless you respect yourself no one else will and by letting someone treat you like sh!t you are giving them permission to continue treating you that way. You have a choice to say "I am worth more and deserve better than this" "I'm better off alone than letting someone treat me like this" "I know that there are people out there that will treat me with respect". You have the choice and power to create your own respect and worth by taking action and walking.

Just as you have to make that choice they too have a choice to seek help for their issues and no one can do that but them. You can't help someone until they choose to help themselves. I don't believe toxic people are bad people but people that need help but as I said a choice they have to make which will be whenever they are ready however you should by no means stick around and let yourself be disrespected and hurt time and time again. Stand up and be your own hero of self love, respect, worthiness and freedom!

My Top 5 Tips To Cut Toxic People Out Of Your Life!

  1. Tell the person: Be open, honest and non aggressive with them and tell them why you no longer wish to be in their lives, for some people you can do this in person for others you may need to do it in text. *There however maybe certain situations where you do not wish to contact the person but instead just cut them out and move on, your gut instinct will let you know.  
  2. Delete any contacts: Delete phone numbers, email address etc. If needed change your number and email address.
  3. Delete and block them off social media: Delete and block the person from any social media, this also helps stop any snooping or obsessing on either sides which yes we are all prone to at some point but is unhealthy and doesn't let you move on.
  4. Do not make contact: I know it can be hard but do not make any further contact with the person as this is just letting them walk right back in again. If they contact you ignore them, do not try and seek revenge or hurt them in any way as this will just snowball into a massive mess that you really don't want. Just ignore and walk away...fully trying to make a spray and walk away joke ;D. *If someone is harassing you please seek legal help.
  5. Move on: Well done you have just respected yourself! Remember every thing happens for a reason and growth and knowledge comes from it. It's now time to move on, meet new people, spend time alone, pick up new hobbies and love yourself with every part of your soul.
You have the power and choice to respect yourself and to create your worth, it can be a hard choice but a worth it one and you deserve to be surrounded by people who love and care for you just as much as you love and care for them.

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