Thursday, 17 April 2014

How To Find Your Passion!

Don't know where to go in life? Don't know your passion? Feeling lost and down? Here is your guide on finding your passion!
For some of you finding what you want to do in life can leave you lost, confused and feeling rather down but fear no more because life is a land of magic with so many things to be, see and do however when finding your passion you need to connect with love and reason because that creates the fiery desire to be, do and change the world. I believe being able to discover that love and reason comes down to analysing a few things in your life:
  • What have I gone through and could help others with?
  • What things from the people around me makes me interested in something?
  • What are my talents?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What do I want to change in the world and inspire others with?
  • What new things would I like to try?
  • Who's careers do I admire?

Grab a piece of paper and start brain storming around these questions then search up ideas, pathways, courses, go and speak to places such study institutes, businesses and people around you also try new things and see how you like them. GATHER KNOWLEDGE!. Throughout your search to discover that fiery desire, your love and reason will kick right in and eventually your passion will be become very clear. It may take some time to find it but it will happen at the right time but you can't sit and wait for it to magically happen you need to search things out and discover it! BE ACTIVE! You'll know it's your passion when a love so crazy will come over you it will make you so excited, determined, scared and wanting to do it everyday of your life whether your paid or not. When that fiery desire comes over you set MASSIVE dreams and goals but also create little goals to help you reach those dreams. Then take flight and start your journey!

We all have a purpose in life including you!!! Finding that purpose can be hard but it is there and you can find it!!! You have the power to be anyone and anything you want to be and don't let anyone tell you otherwise not even the voice in your head!

I personally don't regret my past because it has made me who I am today and I have learnt many things which I am extremely passionate about which are gifts I feel are important to pass on. The gifts I want to pass on are:
  • To teach others that being different and who you are is beautiful and you should express that to the fullest!
  • To teach others self empowerment and empowerment of others!
  • To teach others how to practise self love every single damn day!
  • To teach others to look after their health and to love their bodies physically and mentally! 
  • To bring awareness and educate others about Eating Disorders/Mental Illness and to help those suffering using self love, health and fitness! 
These I believe are very strong positive messages and lessons that my generation, the younger generation and even the older generation of today NEED to HEAR and be a PART of to create change, positivity, love and happiness in themselves and the world. After much consideration and chopping and changing on how I want to give these gifts to others I know hope to share this through fitness modelling, motivational speaking, life coaching and this blog. They're massive dreams and goals but I believe I can and will do this! Your passion is never too wild and your dreams are never too big because you have to be crazy enough to think like that if you want to achieve it!

My Top 5 Tips On How To Find Your Passion:
  1. Analyse and brain storm: Analyse and brain storm using the questions above, write lists if you want and be as messy or as neat as you like.
  2. Search out knowledge: Search out pathways, courses, study institutes, talk to people and places and also try new things. Do it!!! You never know what you might discover! :D
  3. It will be found at the right time: Your passion will be found at the right time however that does not mean sitting their and letting it come to you because you could be waiting a very long time! Be active in your search for your passion!
  4. Let the fiery desire take over: You'll know when the love and reason takes over! :D
  5. Set dreams, goals and take the plunge: Dream dreams that people call the impossible and turn them into the possible. Don't forget to set little goals for your massive dreams then be brave and take the plunge! You have to give up something good to get something better!
We all have a purpose, a fiery desire waiting to be unleashed, crazy dreams deep down ready to make come true but you need to be active to find that passion, that reason and that love. Never give up on your search to find it because one day, just one day you'll find it and it will be a gem and yours to turn it a bejewelled gift!

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With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

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