Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Positivity List!

:D Stop blaming yourself for things out of your control.
:p Take responsibility for your life.
;) Love the little things in life for someday they will be the big things.
<3 Dance like crazy especially to this song American Girl
:D Think happy thoughts.
:p Fight for your dreams.
;) Cut toxic people out of your life.
<3 Do what you love.
:D Love your body.
:p Be weird, crazy, awkward and silly.
;) Break the rules.
<3 Kiss, kiss, kiss... when the sun don't shine  OH OHOH! OH OHOH!
:D Laugh until your stomach hurts and tears are rolling down your cheeks.
:p Don't apologise for being you.
;) Learn to love the journey.
<3 Every time you fall get back up.
:D Love your family and friends.
:p Uplift everyone you meet.
;) Dress up and show up... BOOYEH!
<3 Create your own standards, rules and expectations.
:D Flirt: Be innocent, be naughty and be shy.
:p Respect yourself and others.
;) Give to others.
<3 Love yourself!
:D Express yourself to the fullest
:p Ask for help.
<3 Start the change today... there will never be a "perfect time" so start NOW!
:D Dream BIG!
:p Stop making excuses... your dreams and success only know hard work and love.
;) Find the balance of your life.
<3 Sleep, snuggle, cuddle, huggle and spoon!
:D Walk that walk, twirl, whirl and spin.
:p Embrace change.
;) Inspire the world one happy jump at a time.
<3 Be daring.
:D Use positive affirmations.
:p Live the life YOU imagine!
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

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