Monday, 2 June 2014

Self Love Lessons: You Are Your Own Hero!

This life is 100% your responsibility no one is going to save you but yourself and yes you, you beautiful gem have everything inside of you to truly do so!
This is your life, your responsibility, your creation, your decisions, your world. No one is going to whisk you a way on a horse and magical make everything ok (even if someone did you wouldn't appreciate it as much as you will by working for it and you would always rely on others to create your happiness which is a way to break your own heart!) your going to have to work for every damn part of your life that you so desire but through each trial, failure and victory will come growth and lessons which are truly powerful gifts that you won't learn anywhere else and you will be reaping the rewards of the life you have worked so hard for.
The truth is you are going to fall down in life and you are going to fail at times but the difference between being a victim and a hero is you ALWAYS get back up. Failure helps create success, the more you fail the more knowledgeable and stronger you became. Eventually through persistence, hard work, trail and error the light shall shine after the darkest of times to reveal a very beautiful world that you've been fighting for, oh and trust me it is well worth it!
"In life, it's not the genetic guy who wins or the guy who has the most potential who wins. Its the person with great perseverance who wins! Always wants to get up and go at it again and go at it again! That's the guy who has his hands raised in life guys! That's the guy you guys need to be!"
-Greg Plitt
Ask yourself why can't I be my own hero?..."Because I'm not good enough", "Not worth it" "A loser" "Ugly" your mind might creep in and tell you, well you know what? those are the lies your heads been telling you for a years and It's about damn time you start telling yourself the truth every single day from now on! "I AM GOOD ENOUGH", "I AM WORTHY" "I AM BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT". Use the lies in your head as motivation and prove them just how wrong they are!
You are the only one that can truly create your world and save yourself, it is no one else's job but yours however don't be scared to ask for help and support without these angels in life you won't heal and get back up at the same time though you have to be prepared to put in the work and make the decisions they can't do it for you. You have to work on yourself every day to fight through your demons to live a life you love. Always remember that you have talents so uniquely bad ass that they are your weapons of love, light and life, use and express these to the fullest for they will help slay demons of darkness.
I'm not telling you it's going to be easy or a box of fluffy ducks all the time but I'm telling you, it's possible, you have everything inside of you to do so and it's going to be worth every damn second of it. So put on your cape, your fabulous outfit, have your bad ass weapons on hand and an attitude of I am a hero... my own damn hero!
Daily affirmation:
I am my own hero,

I am solely responsible for my life, I ask for help and support when I need it and I take the steps I need to live a healthy, happy and loving life.
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo


  1. Thank you Rainbow Rose - this is awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject! I came to your website through flowers I was looking for (bright blue ones) in the google images that were posted on your website (21 places to visit b4 u die) and I was directed to check out the Self Love section. It is an inspiring section. Allsmile, Kara (NY, USA)

    1. Your welcome Kara! Glad that you like it and thank you for reading! Smile you are beautiful! :)
      Rainbow xoxo