Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Prankster List!

  1. Hide in oddly weird places, jump out and scare people.
  2. Put fake spiders in beds of people who you know will freak out.
  3. Ghost people and copy their walk in an extreme way.
  4. Dance behind people with your best and most tragic dance moves.
  5. Wrap gifts up a million and one times, if there happens to be individual items wrap them up separate then put them in box and wrap that up!
  6. Pull the craziest facials when someone's not looking.
  7. Full a room up with as many balloons as possible.
  8. Be a mannequin in a shop, you know what to do next... :p
  9. Tap someone's shoulder and run away.
  10. Tip water on people or place ice down their shirts.
  11. Rearrange public signs.
  12. Call people and use only lyrics from a song, see how long you can keep the conversation going until they notice.
  13. When someone's having a shower get a bucket full of ice/cold water sneak in and tip it over the shower.
  14. Pretend to chop someone's hair off while having "evidence" aka hair extensions ;)
  15. Change the language on a friends phone.
  16. Change your birthday on Facebook to 1st April then give a happy April fools to those who send their wishes.
  17. Whoopi cushion!
  18. Paint someone's finger and toe nails while their sleeping.
  19. Put tons of rubber bands around an object of a friends.
  20. Put post it notes everywhere in a friends room.
  21. Put vaseline on door handles.
Safe and happy pranking! ;)

With love
Rainbow :) xoxo


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