Saturday, 2 August 2014

Update: I'm Back + Inspiration From My Time Away!

I'm back, I hope July was full of beautiful blooming with much needed change and growth!
My time away from blogging has helped rejuvenated my inspiration to write again in which prior to my break was starting to really lack... sometimes you just need to enjoy doing something different to get your mojo back! I have felt a huge benefit in deactivating my Facebook for the last month and have decided to keep it deactivated for some time longer so the Rainbow-Rose's Land Of Magic Facebook page will continue to be inactive but not to worry new blog posts will be present here :). 
During my time away from blogging and social media I read 3 books and currently nearing the end of my 4th, did 3 paintings, found a massive love for Pinterest, spent some time dedicated to meditation and visualisation and found inspiration from people around me to start pushing myself out of my comfort zone to learn new skills and to help move up in the world. Nothing like seeing someone sh!t nervous and enjoying learning new things to make you want to try it yourself huh?!?! :p As the saying goes if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you and well in the past few months I have felt stuck and not challenged job wise so my mission at the moment is to learn, be challenged and move up!
The books I read during my time away I highly recommend, they are full of inspiration, revelations and are gems packed with life knowledge and personal epiphanies which I'm sure you'll find in your own ways:
  • All Is well: Heal Your Body With Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition (Louise L, Hay, Mona Lisa Schulz): An interesting read which uses affirmations, the medical system and the body's intuition to build a guide to well being. This book is a good read and stands out by using mind and body healing.
  • The Radical Practice Of Loving Everyone (Michael J, Chase): A story about Michael and his fun loving dog Mollie in which she becomes his guru teaching him about loving everyone. A truly heart filled book filled with so many truths and adorable moments, this book is my personal favourite out of the bunch and a must read! 
  • Normal Gets You Nowhere (Kelly Cutrone): Some of you may know Kelly Cutrone as the straight talking judge on Americas Next Top Model and you get exactly what you see from the Top Model Judge in Normal Gets You Nowhere. Her straight talking and no barrier attitude gets you questioning what you have been taught to believe in and helps guide you to follow what YOU truly believe in, in all aspects of your life. A brilliant and funny book!
  • Change Your Mood With Aromatherapy: Teach Yourself (Denise Whichello Brown): Your guide on all things Aromatherapy! Using simple rules and techniques for 40 key essential oils this book teaches you how to relieve stress for whoever you chose to do Aromatherapy on. An informative and easy to follow book!
Happy reading and don't forget to challenge yourself!
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

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