Saturday, 13 September 2014

Honesty Is The Best Policy

In life you are going to need to be brutally honest with yourself, in friendships, in relationships and those around you... why? Out of love and respect for yourself and others.

Being honest isn't always easy you may not want hurt someone else's feelings, are scared or are running away from the truth but you owe it to yourself and others to have those open and honest conversations no matter how hard they are or how much they may hurt someone. By not being honest you'll end up hurting yourself and others so much more, be unhappy and caught in a web of confusion and lies. You'll find freedom, dignity, respect and compassion in honesty and others will find the same and appreciate you so much more.

When being honest don't be rude but instead be compassionate, empathic and talk from the heart and that includes when you're being honest with yourself too, you deserve your own respect just as much as anybody else. If you can't be honest with yourself you won't be honest with others so always start by being honest with yourself.

With hope and love
Rainbow 🌈🌠💖