Saturday, 18 October 2014

Fitness Motivation: Upper Body Exercises I've Been Loving Lately!

Resistance band pull ups: These babies have really helped build up my pull ups and I can now do 10 pull ups unassisted!!! (This for me personally took 3 years to be able to do that many unassisted). I highly recommend using resistance band pull ups in you training programme to help build your lats up and to help you achieve your 1st ever pull up and many more to come! Oh and when you do your 1st pull up it is a very cheery moment indeed! :D

Narrow grip cable row: I love this exercise as it's great for targeting the middle back and if you really squeeze your shoulder blades as you pull back you can really feel yourself targeting those back muscles. This is a great simple exercise to smash your back on!

Bench press: Nothing like some benching to brighten the day ;). Bench press is a compound exercise (uses more than one muscle group) which means it is great for overall strength and muscle building. The barbells in the bench racks are called Olympic bars and usually weigh 20kg which can be a bit too much for some people or if you're just starting out. If your a newbie to training or need to build up your strength first start with a chest press machine to build up that base strength so you don't injury yourself. Then in a couple of months move into dumbbell chest press or smith machine bench press then eventually move into barbell bench press.

Assisted tricep dips: These really help with building up those triceps and being able to do them unassisted and then eventually WEIGHTED! :D (Oh and when you get to be able to do them weighted it feels damn sexy!). I noticed a huge difference when these were added into my programme and after a little while I began to be able to do them unassisted and then whooohoo weighted! (Keep in mind I have been training for a few years too). Remember when using the assisted machine that the LOWER the weight on the machine the HARDER it is.

Hammer strength shoulder press: Really been loving just closing my eyes and slaughtering my shoulders on this exercise! Up...up...up...<3

Happy training! :)

With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

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