Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Self Love Lessons: Happiness Is A Choice And It's Your Job!

Your happiness is your responsibility... it can become so easy to seek out other people to make you happy but the truth is it's not their job and by giving someone else the responsibility to your happiness their holding the key to your heart which they can break into a million and one pieces at anytime. I believe this is a mistake you will have to make a least once if not a few times in your life to understand that your happiness is a choice and it is your job.
My advice is to always be on your own journey, discover what makes you happy and do lots of it, hang out with family and friends and get to know them more, laugh often, go on adventures, discover your strengths and weaknesses, ask for help, use positive affirmations, smile, be positive, express yourself, have fun, spend time with people, spend time alone, get creative, read, express gratitude, get to know yourself more, understand that life has its ups and downs, create a life YOU love and live it!
If you feel lonely that's perfectly ok and normal, I believe you need to feel lonely at times to really appreciate the times you aren't and to be able to develop positive coping mechanisms or find a new activity to enjoy. You might surprise yourself and discover a secret talent! Try writing, painting, gaming, dancing etc. Sometimes you may find other little things help to fight loneliness Lady Gaga said she use to turn her TV on so she didn't feel so alone, I also find myself at times sitting with Facebook open not because I want to talk to anyone but so I don't feel so shut off from the world or I'll blast music really loudly and dream about my wildest dreams coming true.
At the end of the day it's your job to entertain yourself and to choose happiness... no one else but YOU!
Daily affirmations:
  • I choose happiness!
  • My happiness is an inside job! 
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

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