Sunday, 14 December 2014

Self Love Lessons: Life Isn't Perfect But Dance No Matter The Weather!

Life isn't perfect and its not meant to be, there will be highs and lows no matter where you are... C'est La Vie! Not every day is good but there is good in every day so you might as well "DANCE IN THE FUCKING RAIN" as Mr Plitt calls it, something of recent I feel I need to be reminded of. Happiness can only be NOW so make the most of where you are, learn, grow, be inspired, inspire others, keep going and I promise everything will be ok as long as you dance in that fucking rain! ;).

"We're gonna run through fire
Like we've never been burned
We're gonna laugh out loud
Like we've never been hurt
We're gonna shout it out to the edge of the world
We're unbreakable
You're unbreakable"
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

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