Monday, 19 January 2015

Rest In Peace Greg Plitt

Greg Plitt one of the worlds most successful fitness models has passed away, Greg has appeared on over 250 fitness magazine covers and has inspired and helped the world through his motivational youtube videos and website. He died after being hit by a train in LA while filming a video, he was 37.
Greg was one of my idols and a huge inspiration to me and many others around the world. He was full of badassness, living his life to the fullest, inspiration, motivation, rawness, helping others, power, strength and being down to earth... a true hero and legend. Greg has deeply inspired what I want for my dream career and has taught me to never give up, his videos have given me strength on my bad days and inspired me to the fullest on my good days. I had hopes to meet him someday... and well to ask him to marry me lol because he is that special kind of legend that you couldn't help but adore everything about him and what he stood for.
I'm still in shock and devastated to hear of his passing, you can be here one day and gone the next. You truly have left your mark in this world Greg and will live in my heart and the hearts of many. You will never understand how much you have helped, inspired and motivated not only me but the WORLD! You will be remembered and you have left an extraordinary legacy that will live on! I really hope you're proud of the life you lived because I am and I can only hope to achieve half the things you did and be the person you were.
Today's workout and many more will be dedicated to you Mr Plitt. Gone far too soon. Thank you for being you and inspiring the world! <3


With love
Rainbow :) xoxo

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