Monday, 9 March 2015

Self Love Isn't Selfish, It's Vital!

Recovery has taught me many things one of those being that self love is vital. By looking after yourself and putting yourself first you are in a healthy place physically, mentally and emotionally and you can help others in the best way possible. While helping people is amazing and rewarding you can't truly help others if you're driving yourself into a ditch because after all you can't really help anyone when you're stuck in a ditch can you?!?!. You first and foremost need to give yourself that love, respect, advice and attention you're giving everyone else.

For me my recovery and looking after myself comes first because without it I wouldn't be here and without continuing to make that choice I would be in that ditch pretty quickly. You need to start pampering yourself like you do your partner or friends, say no to people and things that are stressing you out or are too overwhelming, say yes to things that scare you and inspire you (easier said then done, I know!), ask for help, simplify your life, cut toxic people out of your life and have those necessary conversations you are avoiding. You will feel so much more healthy by looking after yourself that you'll bring more sunshine to others because you are happier inside and out!

Self love isn't selfish it truly is vital for a healthy life in all aspects so I challenge you to put yourself first and see the sunshine lighting up your life and others but most of all because you're worth it!

With love
Rainbow :) xoxo