Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Be You Forever And Always!

Sometimes people don't get you, don't like you or just hate on you... it is not your fault. Who you are is enough, you are beautiful, talented and wonderful beyond words and no matter who you are in life someone will still hate you or not get you but that's not your problem however it is your responsibility to be yourself in all your magical glory as long as it's not hurting anyone.
Too many days get wasted on trying to be something your not and to please others which eventually leads into unhappiness and completely losing your way. Sometimes it will be hard to stick up for who you are and keep being yourself in a world that tries to break you down in so many aspects but it is worth it and you have to be prepared to fight for yourself. Trust and believe in who you are and every situation will make you stronger, knowledgeable, more accepting of yourself and others and you will be able to inspire and help others in more ways than you will ever know.
The right people will love you for you so remember to keep your head up darling and be kind, grateful, respectful, positive, keep smiling and doing your thing and most importantly never stop being you... EVER.
With love
Rainbow :)

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