Monday, 13 April 2015

Have Respect!

Recently I've heard a little bit of talk about people cheating/sleeping with other peoples partners/scoring people... there's like a culture surrounding this amongst young people. I really think this culture in people is a lack of respect for themselves and others, a lack of self worth and love. It's a culture that feeds off others encouragement, disrespectful talk and actions and the need for instant gratification, affirmation and acceptance. It NEEDS to stop because it is NOT ok to treat yourself or others like this! It doesn't make you any better than anyone else and the love, affirmation and acceptance that you are looking for is within you.
Sometimes people do fall in love with someone else when their in a relationship or sometimes people fall in love with someone in a relationship... it's far from ideal but it happens how you deal with it though is the true test. Jumping into an emotional or physical affair is not the way to go, really please stop and think for second... the massacre of damage it will create is truly ugly, it may feel good for a moment but the consequences will not only haunt and hurt you for a long time after but everyone involved and no doubt will cause a lot of self hatred.
You have to respect yourself enough and everyone else involved to walk away, it isn't just about you so don't be selfish. Sometimes you have to love, appreciate and respect someone from afar, carry on with your life and know that one day you'll meet someone who is meant for you and is not with someone else. If it's meant to be with the person in the relationship it will happen at the right time when they aren't with someone. 
If you are the one in the relationship be honest with yourself and your partner, get counselling, really look at what you want and why and make a informed, honest, genuine and raw decision on how to deal with the situation. You may have to cut the other person out of your life, keep contact to a minimum, break up with your partner... it won't be easy but you'll make it a millions times worse if you jump into something that you will regret or start something before finishing. 
If you have made a mistake, forgive yourself, apologise to those involved, get counselling, do positive things and most importantly learn from your mistake... no one is perfect.
With love
Rainbow :) xoxo 

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