Monday, 30 May 2016

5 Ways To Help Yourself!

  • Ask For Help: I think we all need the reminder at times that it's okay to ask for help, you are not a burden, you are not alone and it doesn't make you any less of a person to ask for help... so if you need to, do it. P.S: I'm always here <3
  • Do What's Best For You: Only you can answer what is best for you and your life, while others can offer their opinions and advice which is great to spark ideas and to take into consideration though at the end of the day it is your life and you're the one living it so make sure you do what is best for you.
  • Take A Break: It's easy to forget or be in a mind set of go, go, go, that we don't take a break or realise how important and necessary it is otherwise burnout or mental breakdown time becomes highly likely. So take a day or a few hours off and do something fun!
  • Praise Yourself: Because we often forget to do so and we often praise or see it in others for all that they do but when it comes to ourselves does "Not good enough", "Haven't done enough", "Ehh it's crap" sound familiar?!?!. Take a few moments often to acknowledge all the wonderful things you have done and are doing!
  • Clean Out Your Life: Clothes, belongings, too much work, stress, people, phone numbers, social media. If it's not making you happy or serving a purpose then maybe it's time to have a clean out, understandably life isn't always as simple as "cleaning it out" so start making the steps where possible no matter how big or small.
With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo