Wednesday, 15 June 2016

10 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Today is my 23rd birthday and I absolutely loved what Lor posted from A Cozy Space for her birthday of 28 Things I Would Tell Myself At 18 so today I thought I would do the same and share a few photos along the way! Please check out Lor she is such a babe, down to earth and always knows how to share the cozyness! ❤

  • Being Vulnerable Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do: Being able to share and hear others share their stories, happiness, pain, amazing and dark moments is when you'll feel the most connected towards people for everyone has a story... a story of struggle, pain, hardship, shame, guilt, heartbreak, heartache, loneliness, not good enoughs.... so for all the times you felt cursed, felt that it was your fault, that there was something wrong with you and the times you felt all alone... you never really were because everyone at some point or another goes through it in many different ways. Maybe we just don't share it with each other and the world as much as we need too.
  • Learning To Love Yourself Is Possible: Oh broken girl from the past if only I could show you now what you have become, the love that you found, the achievements you've made and that there is a tunnel out of this hell. While I understand your love affair with self hate, I want you to know your love affair for who you are and your passions is something so magical beyond words that what you once thought was impossible, out of reach and something not meant for you... it is there and it is possible... it is possible for everyone.
  • Treasure Your Body: One day the ability to do many things that you once could get taken away from you for a long time so please treasure your body....running around, being free and feeling full of life especially doing archery #6YearOldBadassWithABow. When it all hits and you can't do such things anymore appreciate the days you can get out of bed for they are a gift and for the many days you face exhausted and struggling to make it through I cry with you, you are still alive... treasure that. For the times the ever growing extreme self hatred becomes so much that it's destroying your entire being, mind, soul and body I cry and hold your hand for I now understand what was going on and why, you'll pave a rainbow of light as you slowly but surely make it through the hills, valleys & rivers coming out alive and being a little badass along the way. For those that are going through the same I understand you, I understand your pain, I share your pain... I cry with you and hold your hand too.
  • Outside The Box Is Your Palace: Just because you like different things, think in a different way, learn in a different way and like to be a different way doesn't make you wrong, it doesn't make you not good enough, it doesn't make you cursed... it makes you exactly what you need to be YOU an individual, an individual of light, knowledge and beauty.
  • Popularity Means Nothing For Connection Is Everything: For all the times you feel left out, rejected, not good enough, an outcast, a loser.... popularity really does mean nothing for your whole being can end up relying on others to define your self worth in which your soul can easily be lost if it isn't already. For the times you feel isolated, disconnected and incredibly alone music gives you that connection it becomes your saviour, for connection with whatever and whoever is powerful.
  • Not Everything Is As It Seems: For when you look deep enough at the world, at people and study it you see so much see past the surface, you begin to be able to read peoples actions, souls and understand the world a whole lot more... you see how messed up, dark and cruel the world can be and yet at times you can understand why if you dissect it enough and well sometimes it still doesn't make any sense. You can also see such beautiful souls, passionate with light so bright that you can't help but fall in love and be left in awe.
  • Learning Doesn't Need To Take Place In A School: In a classroom or to pass a test for that matter... learning is everywhere and anywhere from the Internet to life experience, people and events around you, books, music and movies... school and grades don't need to and don't have to define your knowledge... it's all around you.
  • Rules Were Meant To Be Broken: Society's rules of who and what you should be, when or when not you should or should not be doing something, what and what not you should look like, that the pinnacle of success is fame and fortune... smash that sh!t into broken shards and define it all for yourself. 
  • You're An Introvert And That's AWESOME: While society can celebrate extroverts being an introvert is wicked and it's perfectly okay. Lots of people totally isn't your thing and let's be honest people kind of scare you unless you know them quite well hahaha and well learn to laugh at your social awkwardness cause it's actually pretty funny. Creativity will be your home and where your soul lives. 
  • Appreciate Real Love: It's easy to chase after love not just romantic love but love from people as a whole, you know what's hard though is letting the people who really love you in instead of pushing them away, letting people see your bare soul & accepting that some people will like you and some people won't but that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. Chasing romantic love won't fill the empty broken parts of you that you need to work on, heal & grow, it won't make you "good enough" and no one is coming to save you... YOU have that power Superwoman!. Romantic love will happen with the right person when it's your time... grow yourself first and foremost, know your worth, know what you really want in a relationship and don't settle for anything less.
With magic from me to you
Rainbow 🌈🌠💖