Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Sometimes Life Is Hard

Sometimes life is hard, ugly and dark, in these times just to be able to do the littlest things can be emotionally and mentally consuming it can seem like you're just surviving and not truly living, it can seem pointless and soul destroying. Each and every step forward counts even if that's getting out of bed and getting dressed, that in itself is a massive accomplishment in shitty times.

For some of you in these times to not self destruct can be one of the most treacherous battlefields you face, it's like an endless war that takes every part of your soul and strength just to make it through, I commend you and I want you to know no matter how slowly you walk through that battlefield you're still making it, it's creating character and strength beyond what you even may realise at the time.

Even if it feels like you're crawling at a painful pace, keep doing what you can, what is right for you, ask for help and know that it's also perfectly okay, important and understandable to breakdown too. Warriors fight, fall, crawl, climb and prevail after all!

With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo