Monday, 24 October 2016

Songs Of Hope, Empowerment & Self Love!

Hey Beautiful people! I'm back, it was nice to have a bit of break and take some time out which I really needed!. How are you guys doing?

Today I thought I'd share some songs that have helped me along the way and continue to do so, sometimes all it takes when you're feeling down is just to hear a song that you connect with to provide that hope and inspiration to get back up and to keep going, I find something so special in that especially when I find a new inspirational song that I've never heard before, to be honest I'm always on the look out for them ha! :p 

Hope you guys enjoy and if you have any favourite inspirational songs comment them below!!! 
With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo


  1. These songs are all perfect and inspirational. I love Delta Goodrem. Just a little message to say I have nominated your blog for The Bloggers Recognition Award. XX

    Very Best wishes.

    Keep calm and Start Writing ~

    1. Delta has such a beautiful voice and she is so stunning! <3 Oooo Thank you so much! <3 xoxo

  2. Welcome back, Rainbow! Love the song list. I love listening to inspirational tunes when I'm just needing a lift!

    -Watch Me Shine (love! It reminds me of the movie Legally Blonde)
    -I Am by Hilary Duff -- I absolutely love that song! I think it's very underrated.
    -Selena Gomez - YES! Another love.
    -Fighter - of course
    -Brave: that is practically my JAM! lol
    -Warrior - oui!

    You pretty much listed a lotta the uplifting songs that I also listen to! The only other one I can think of is Better Off by Ashlee Simpson and Just a Ride by Jem. :)


    1. Thanks Lor! :D Hope all is well with you! :) Ooooo yes I love that song by Ashley Simpson and ooo I must check out that Jem one!!! Hope you are having a gorgeous day Lor! <3 xoxo

  3. Hi Rainbow! I really like your idea for this post, because literally I love listening to music, so any songs,about which I haven't heard about before are welcome ;) I love your selection, to your list I'll add one more Katy Perry's song - "Roar" - it always fills me with positive energy when I'm blue.

    1. Hey Ivonne! :D YES that's such a power house anthem! <3 Hope you are having a beautiful day! <3 xoxo

  4. Rainbow :D so glad you're feeling better <3 happy to see you back and ready to take on the world once again ;) <3 ah yes! Inspiration songs are everything! Sometimes all it take is a little tune that can spark your creativity and get you going. I'll have to give all of these a listen! I love Alive by Sia! That girl has some vocals! I love when she just really lets all of her energy go in her songs. I think the song that just does it for me no matter what I'm feeling is "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls! I feel like there's a lyric in there for every emotion and that beat just gets me! Haha hope you have a lovely week ahead of you ;) <3