Wednesday, 30 November 2016

7 Tips For Writer's Block & Gaining Inspiration!

A lot of writers from time to time will experience writer's block and lack inspiration and that is why it's important to have some gems up your self to pull from so you don't completely stop the masterpieces of your work and your passion if you fall down that hole. Here are my tips and the places that I pull my inspiration from and I hope it helps you if you're ever in the depths of a block.
  1. Write Like Your Own Mentor: This is something I often do is write from a place of being my own mentor... What do I need to hear? What advice could I give to myself? What did my younger self need to hear?. I find not only do I gain inspiration from this but it's also rather healing and helpful to others too.
  2. Pull From Your Past Experiences: What can you pull from the experiences, heartbreaks and triumphs you've gone through? The people you've met along the way and their characters?.  
  3. Take A Break: Sometimes a break is in order to allow your brain to process, for ideas to come, for creativity to flow and for everything to work.
  4. Music, Movies, Books, Documentaries, Blogs, YouTube: All of these I personally find great at sparking subjects, ideas, inspiration and knowledge to write about in which my mind will often be fixated on for awhile and I'll be constantly thinking, questioning, pulling apart, putting together and trying to understand.
  5. People & Conversations: Now I'm no fan of small talk... I rather not talk to people majority of the time if that's going to be the interaction haha however in depth conversations one on one or in a small group... HALLELUJAH that can really set my mind buzzing. It's also interesting to bring up the same topics with different people to get their views on it and just listening and being able to take from someone else's struggles and triumphs and have it inspire you.
  6. Social Media Stalk: This may sound like a weird one and yes I freely admit to social media stalking...some people go to university to study... I social media stalk... hahaha (please don't send me to prison :p). I love analysing social media and why we post what we do and the culture of it and well depending on what pages you've liked and who you're friends with... interesting articles and content can come up and make you think, spark ideas and set off creativity with quite a buzz. I also love stalking people on social media and analysing what they've posted or links they've shared... it's interesting to me... fascinating and I often do it in hunt of some sort of inspiration, knowledge, understanding, questions and well not gonna lie sometimes I have a good ole fashioned stalk to see who that hot guy is or who that regular I see all the time is. *I swear people will start putting things on private now that I've said all of this... XD*
  7. Zone Out & Imagine: I love to zone out, I talked about this in my Daydreamer post... I go to another world and be where and whoever I want to be... I'm in another world and my imagination runs free, I get into weird silly moods, I often head bang to music and lip sync... oh how I wish I could be a singer or play an instrument! I will also often just lay there and dream to music... this state often sparks off creative ideas for me.
With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo