Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Coping With Loneliness...

There is a good chance you'll go through loneliness at some point in your life and well most likely more than once...  it's easy to turn to self destruction to cope which is one hell of a slippery slope to a place that can be utterly soul destroying and hard to get out of... though sometimes you do what you gotta do to survive and sometimes it's the only way you know how to survive and other times you don't even know that's what you're doing to yourself however it's important to learn and to be able to cope with loneliness in a healthy way.

Learning to be able to sit with your loneliness, listening to music or doing some sort of activity like painting, gaming, writing, going for a walk, watching YouTube, talking with a parent, friend, acquaintance or counsellor can all be ways that can help... everyone will have their own healthy virtues that work for them and I encourage you all to find and seek them out so you don't end up utterly destroying your soul because you are worth and deserve so much more than that.

While healthy virtues might not be as enticing as self destructive vices, if you can learn to turn to them for the most part in the bigger picture of things you'll end up in a healthier, safer and happier place.

With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo

P.S: Allow yourself lots and lots of time to find your healthy virtues and also being able to turn to them instead your self destructive's not always easy and that's okay. <3

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