Wednesday, 9 November 2016

I'm a daydreamer...

During the years I struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome especially during rough patches with it I would listen to music for hours on end and escape into a different world of daydreaming, it help me cope, it gave me hope and it made me feel ok when I wasn't ... in those times I didn't have to deal with my reality instead I could be happy and free or whatever or wherever I wanted to be.

During classes at High School I would often zone out and be in another land, on car rides I would daydream again to music for hours on end, during my Anorexia in some of my counselling sessions I would zone out and be in a different world, during torturous times with it I would calm myself down with music and daydreaming and in my recovery I again would daydream to music for hours on end... (both daydreaming and music probably explain why I mishear people half my life! :p).  

I often live in another world of daydreams still to this day which at times I find it hard to be present... I'm constantly dreaming wild dreams, gaining creative ideas, having one too many conversations with myself... (One too many to maybe end me up on the mad side XD) perhaps that's part of the reason why my ever growing obsession with Alice In Wonderland also continues ;), daydreaming is a home to me. 

Daydreaming has most definitely helped me through hard times to escape and to make it through, to come up with wild dreams to go after to overcome torturous times, it's also most definitely helped me express and grow my self creatively which is a part of my soul, it's made me feel connected to something when I've felt so disconnected, at the same time too it has most likely continued and contributed to feeling a sense of disconnection to people along with many other factors, a feeling of disconnection to people I've had since my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome days, a disconnection which now comes and goes depending on many different things and people. At times I really like being disconnected from people and other times definitely not so much.

Are you are daydreamer? Does it help or hinder you or both? Do you like or dislike it or both? What are your thoughts? Let me know down below!

With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo