Monday, 14 November 2016

Tribute To Alice In Wonderland!

Down the rabbit hole she goes, covered in darkness as she falls down, down oh down and gets flipped and turned all around. The tears start to fall and soon she doesn't know if she's too big or too small and if it even matters at all. She barely makes it through the weirdly shaped door to a world that's stranger than before, nothing seems to make sense Why is she here? she starts to ponder as she wanders through the land that only seems comprehensible within the imaginable. Perhaps she's going mad?, well she did just see a White Rabbit sprinting faster than one can say "Wonderland" saying it'll be late...for what...and since when could rabbits talk?!?!....Welcome to a world of nonsense she thought. 

Tweedledum and Tweedledee emerge, from where she does not know. Maybe they had the urge to converse which might she add they are not at all diverse and perhaps a little rehearsed! To be quite frank though they just wanted to prank her in order to be cheeky and all kinds of sneaky, just a couple of smarts asses that really should attend classes! They try running her around in circles in a game of puns and stories of forgotten ones just for fun, however she ain't having none and manages to get a way to try and find the White Rabbit that keeps sprinting off in such a manic he really does look in a frantic panic!

She finds herself amongst Flowers with singing powers that talk like it's happy hour, now dear Alice is possibly what one might call a wildflower amongst the Bread Butterflies and a Rocking Horse Fly, she's still all the bit pint sized yet humanised which they come to realise and proceed to ostracise and scrutinise as she misidentifies... Oh how it's time to say goodbye and find the White Rabbit that keeps running by all within the blink of an eye.

Alarming odd and oddly alarming she finds a Caterpillar smoking clouds of A E I O U screaming

"WHO IS HEEEEE? is more like it!"...

Oh no... his temper is secretly intertwined with a reflection of deflection of what he can't quite grasp himself which all lives inside his poor little mind and well he certainly isn't kind as he screams

"WHO R UUUUUUUU?" for another time.
"I AM WHO? How am I meant to answer such a question about oneself when oneself doesn't even know herself and herself is still so young and hasn't really had the chance to explore oneself, this is all quite preposterous if I do say so myself!"  

Confused by whatever to do next and wherever to go while being presented with folks in the road with paths that are open and possibilities that are endless. Which way did the White Rabbit go is really what she wants to know... Suddenly a creeper of Cat appears grinning like a winner of knowing all the unknown knowns, how it even appears to disappear to reappear is one of the most mischievous unknowns to be known of a mysterious mystery yet to be solved so it can dissolve and never be told.

Where to go??? she truly does not know.

Well it grins, "If you don't know where you're going any road can take you there"
"Oh the irony!"
"He's that way if you're after the White Rabbit that raced through here, he's with Hatter in the garden of the rare which is more than a bit pear"... and with that off she goes into the depths of the shadows!

There he is the one that calls himself the Mad Hatter, an unbirthday tea party for the insanely sane it is, perhaps it's the former or the latter or maybe it's neither or either whatever it is cups are stacked, packed and even whacked with pots flying from one end to the other, as Alice stands there trying to avoid the pots while trying to connect the dots, confused and all the bit amused, the Hatter asks her

"Whatever is the matter?, Is your life all in tatters?"
"No, well, ahhhhhh, I don't know?"
"What ever do you mean you don't know?" he says
"Well Hatter none of this makes any sense, it's all a little mad just like you and honestly I think I'm mad too!"
"Not to worry dear Alice it's not meant to make sense or perhaps sense is meant to be made and well all the best ones are a little mad, so it's not all that bad!".

White Rabbit passes by in quite a state with a "I'm late" and he ain't doing so great as Hatter smashes, trashes and bashes the only thing that is, yet isn't in rightful order... who needs a clock to keep watch in a land that's a bit out of notch..., however off White Rabbit jolts and bolts in a horrified "I'M LATE!!!!". What is with that damn wide eyed and mystified White Rabbit will it ever care to share?, She can't help but question out of despair and also the notion that she's curiouser and curiouser with a pinch of she really needs to get out of here!

On her way that has no way when the Grinner of the Unknown Knowns appears in a another moment of her despairs, with antics to play in a such a devious display in providing a short cut to the Queen of Hearts maze, oh what child's play of leading her down the doomsday pathway...

Paint the roses red, paint the roses red..... cause the Queen of Hearts is a poser of the unsaint and not one for the faint in which she might just try and seal your own fate especially if you're late, you must never make her wait!. Flamingo croquet anyone???, well I suppose anything goes when you're in a world where goes anything that's clearly the rules that are played by the heart that has been tainted by hate, that's even how she treats her own Date.

No matter what poor Alice does or how she plays the game, off with her head will be the ending of the day for the Queen always has to get her own way, an ego so big she can't see past her own crown, what a clown... oh how it's about to go down as the mischievous Grinner of the Unknown Knowns reappears to disappear havoc circums and the Queen ends up flashing her bum!


In an uproar of fire things are all a bit dire for the now but ever so tire Alice.... what a fallace of complete malice which is seriously callous!... Oh how she can now understand the White Rabbit she thought!. It ain't however all hell or high waters as it's off to court to present her report of the case that will decide her fate which is only convinced by the Date that has possibly become her saving grace.

Witnesses that have no clue and no clues that have witnesses with more than enough mayhem to condemn another "OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!". She really is going to end up dead if this right royal funk isn't debunked!, thankful she's got a bit of luck with food in her pocket that will make her rocket, now she's bigger than all of these so called Guards and the Queen of Hearts what a facade as they all try to aim their darts "You're all just a pack of cards!" she declares without fear, however suddenly she shrinks in another moment of despair, too small once more oh she really must escape it all!

Dashing through the land of wonders in one sure hurry in the most unconventional conventional flurry, where she is back at the weirdly shaped door trying to get through to a world that isn't as strange as before, curled up asleep she sees herself through the Lock Hole that's such a troll as it doesn't understand her worry as she tries to scurry nor does it want to comply, is this really how she's going to die?. "Oh dear Alice PLEASE WAKE UP!!!" she begs of herself for the very last time.

As she comes too dazed and fazed with of mouthful of splendid nonsense she's all the bit crazed and amazed however realising it might of all been one hell of a mesmerising, enticing yet terrorising dream and so it could seem that such an endeavour will change her forever as what has been lived cannot be unlived just as what has been seen cannot been unseen...perhaps that's the unfortunately fortunate state of what is reality. 

What a world that was rather psychedelic with a touch of melodramatic which was a bit problematic and systematically tragic or maybe it was fanatically magic, she thinks, though one day she will return to the place that is Wonderland for another adventure most definitely awaits her, one she doesn't quite yet know but an adventure that will need to be told for who knows the sense of nonsense that is yet to unfold which beholds a gift that is pure gold.

With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo