Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Last Minute New Year's Ideas!

If any of you guys out there are like me you don't really plan your New Year's... ahaha I kind of just chill and have a low key evening and day so in the name of that if you have no plans and have no idea what to do here are some ideas!
  • Card/Board Game Evening: Invite some family and friends or if your flatmates are around bring out the Chinese Checkers, Twister, Uno and Poker and have some fun!
  • Self Love For The Win: Dress up, paint, write, have a bubble bath, do your hair, paint your nails, read a book, watch a movie, meditate, write a wish, snuggle up and then spend New Year's Day at one of your favourite spots or doing something you love aka a date day! ;)
  • Park And Chill: Us Kiwis are lucky to have New Year's in the summer so if you live on this side of the world grab some mates or some family and have some fun at a park or on a beach, play games, watch the sky or surf and chill out!
  • Movie Marathon: So at one point when I was younger Titanic was on EVERY single New Year's Eve on a channel here in New Zealand... I was so young at that point though that I never use to get to watch the ending... not that I remember anyway ha! For a good few years it's been a tradition for me or my go to, to watch it right through XD. If Titanic's not your thing chuck on your faves or hey even some of your childhood faves, snuggle up in a onesie or if you're in New Zealand something light ;) and enjoy!
  • Party At Home: Invite some people over and see where the evening takes you! ;)
What are you guys up to for New Year's Eve and Day? Do you have plans?

With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo


  1. Love this list, usually I hang out with my family since most of my old friends moved away! I hope you have a great holiday!
    x Kenzie //

  2. What great ideas to ring in the new year! I like to do something relaxing and healthy to start my year out great and im always with loved ones. Great inspiring ideas gorgeous! XO - Kim

  3. Great ideas! New Years can be overrated! But I think I'm having a party this year, so I'm talking out of both sides of my mouth lol. Miss you!

  4. Nice ideas, I never watched Titanic on NYE, in Ukraine on TV usually in this time Home Alone, Christmas musicals with stars, some old good movies and many cartoons.

  5. We will probably be doing a board game night this New Year's Eve! I'm like you, I prefer to relax a bit, so something low-key is always great. Also, I always forget that you would get Christmas in the summer! I do love my chilly holidays, but it would be cool to experience the holiday season in the sun!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh