Monday, 19 December 2016

Setting Boundaries!

It's important to be able to set personal boundaries within friendships, family relationships, romantic relationships, relationships in general, your job and any other areas of your life. Knowing what feels comfortable and right for you, being able to say yes to things and no to others, being able to speak up where you feel it's necessary to do so and being able to come to compromises is important so you don't lose yourself, your worth, your happiness and your light as such things can be easily lost when you try to please others and seemingly the world all the time.

The next time you feel guilty for saying no, putting your foot down, doing what's right for you or asking for more of what you want know you are protecting and honouring your soul which is vital in keeping in a healthy and happy place.

With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo


  1. Love this! Sometimes it's so difficult for me to say no because I'm worried that the person won't like me, but that's probably not the best friendship anyhow??
    x Kenzie //

  2. So true, Rainbow! This very much goes with learning how to say no (which I can have trouble with!) You can't lead a happy life and try pleasing others non-stop, when you're not pleasing yourself first! Have a beautiful Monday :)


  3. Such a lovely reminder that saying no is so important for our well being. I loved this advice. Xx

    Best wishes -

    'Keep Calm and start writing'

  4. So much yes to this! I've definitely learned a I've gotten older it's okay to say no to things you don't feel comfortable to. Love this! Hope you're doing well my beautiful friend! XO- Kim