Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Things Don't Always Go As Planned...

Life and situations won't always go to plan... and well admittedly I can really struggle at times when things don't go to plan... I'm also very much a planner... haha. Like a lot of people I've pictured things in my mind, held it close to my heart, I've become attached to it and the exact way I want it, I've become passionate about it and potentially maybe even obsessed with it and then I've gone after it and at times sh!ts hit the fan somewhere along the way... while some hurdles become easier to get through other times it's like a grieving process for me of trying to pick up broken pieces because sometimes the way I wanted it to be was and has been the only way I could see it being and when that doesn't work out it can leave me in a bit of a mess however there are times where my adapt mode seems to be in swing and takes over and it's okay.  

I was talking to someone who deals with mental health several weeks ago and he said in his sessions with his clients he takes their labels away and replaces them with Navigator... we are all just navigators of our situations. Navigators of our brokenness, our pain, our dreams and our lives. I liked the idea of navigator... it reminded me that ALL of us are just trying to find our way through the ups and downs of life and it's okay to be lost at points, unsure, confused, be in the wrong direction to get to the right direction and that life and situations don't always work out the way we want them to but there is a way through it.

If your plans aren't working out right now, or if they haven't in the past or maybe in the future please know through the struggle, the pain and confusion it's making you a skillful navigator and stronger person which is a great set of qualities to hold within the place that is life.  
With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo