Monday, 5 December 2016

#Throwback Don't Chase After People!

It can be so easy to get caught up in chasing someone and trying to make people like you which very easily leads you into being someone you're not. The truth is there are going to be people who don't like you, don't understand you and don't want to get to know you, it's a part of life and that's ok however if someone is putting you down that is not! 

There's nothing wrong with you, you are beautiful, wonderful and outrageously talented and there will be people who absolutely adore you and those who just get you. It maybe the very people you are pushing away or who you think are "uncool" or "weird"... parents, family, friends and even strangers (who you could turn into friends!).

The right people will make an effort to be in your life just as you will make an effort to be in theirs. Don't ever change yourself for someone or chase after anyone... be who YOU are, love it, own that sh!t and love those who are there for you, appreciate you and make an effort!

With magic from me to you
Rainbow :) xoxo

P.S: Sorry for not catching up with you guys and your blogs recently I've been a bit on the busier side and also been a little sick this last week, I hope to catch up with you all and your blogs before the Christmas and New Year break! Also hoping I can get one last YouTube video out before the end of year, unfortunately weekly videos have been a bit too much for me recently and at this stage and for awhile videos won't be on a schedule. <3


  1. You're beautiful words are so comforting and a brilliant reminder to stay you :) I hope you're feeling better soon darling <3

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

  2. This quote and what you wrote is soooo true. I spent too much time on carrying about the people I shouldn't and thinking what they would thought about me. I stopped. I wear what I want, I say what I want and do what I want. That's how it should be! Taking care of someone and taking someone's opinion into consideration can easily change into subordinate and a pressure from their side. We should always remember that we have a free will and strong voice.

    Love You!!!
    Liliann from

  3. Oh no, i hope your not too sick girl! I hear you about being crazy busy, it's been nuts over here lately. I love who you are, you inspire me every day and i am so grateful to know you! Love you! XO - Kim

  4. Feel better soon, Rainbow!! It's the time of year, definitely! I've been struggling with blog posts and catching up my fellow ladies as well. I really just need like, a FEW DAYS to sit down at my laptop and not be disturbed :)