Monday, 30 January 2017

5 Quick And Cute Reminders!

  • You Are Loved and You Are Not Alone: You are loved more than you could ever imagine and one of the many things I've learnt is that you are never truly alone. <3
  • Ask For Help: One I know I repeat but one that needs to be repeated and one I often need to be reminded of too. Suppressing will never lead to anything good so as hard as it may be you know what you need to do!
  • You're Human and Everyone Makes Mistakes: Que Hannah Montana's "Nobody's Perfect" ;)... What?!?! You were thinking it! I mean the song pretty much says it all ha! We all make little, huge and everything in between mistakes... learn from it, forgive yourself, apologise where needed, give yourself time and let yourself and others heal. YOU ARE HUMAN NOT PERFECT!
  • It Will Get Better: Even when you think it won't, even when you think it's all utterly hopeless and pointless... better things are coming for you at some point or another I promise, hold on <3
  • You Have Magic Running Through Your Veins: You are great things and you will do great things. You have talents that are out of this world if when you think you don't, they are within you and they are truly magical... DON'T ever let go of your magic because it is yours and you were destined to use it and be it, sometimes though it just needs to be found.
With hope and love
Rainbow :) xoxo